Anna Vaughn

Visiting Instructor in Philosophy

Joined Connecticut College: 2016

B.A., Utah State University
M.A., University of Utah
Ph.D. (c), University of Utah



Early modern philosophy

Philosophy of perception

History of philosophy

Philosophy of mind



Philosophy of science

The abstract of Anna Vaughn's dissertation, "Making Sense of the Molyneux Problem," states: "Molyneux’s question asks whether someone born blind, and suddenly made to see, would recognize objects at first sight that he or she had previously only touched. John Locke answered, ‘no.’   

Vaughn offers a novel interpretation of Locke’s answer, as part of his broader theory of perception, all of which has significance for his philosophy of mind and theory of knowledge. Further, by applying recent empirical research in psychology and neuroscience to Locke’s analysis of Molyneux’s question, she aims to improve our understanding of how experiences from different senses, such as vision and touch, relate to one another.

Anna Vaughn has taught courses in philosophy at the University of Utah and the University of Virginia. 

Presentations by Anna Vaughn


“Making Sense of the Molyneux Problem,” 3rd Annual Finnish-Hungarian Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy; Budapest, Hungary; October 2015

“Perception, Judgment, and Locke’s Answer to Molyneux’s Question: A Critical Response to Bolton” 

  • American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division; Vancouver, B.C., Canada; April 2015 
  • Intermountain West Student Philosophy Conference, University of Utah; Salt Lake City, UT; March 2015 
  • Northwest Philosophy Conference, Central Washington University; Ellensburg, Washington; November 2014


“Is Relational Essentialism Really Essentialism?”

  • International Society for the History, Philosophy, and Social Science of Biology (ISHPSSB); Montreal; July 2015
  • Intermountain West Student Philosophy Conference; University of Utah; March 21, 2013

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