Chris Torres

Chris Torres

Visiting Assistant Professor of Government & Environmental Studies

Joined Connecticut College: 2023

B.A., B.S., University of California, Berkeley
M.A., M.A., University of Oregon
Ph.D., Boise State University


U.S. Environmental Politics and Policy

Science and Technology Studies

Expertise and Democratic Decision-making

Government Ethics

Public Administration and Bureaucracy

Environmental Humanities

Chris Torres's training is at the intersection of philosophy, environmental studies, and public policy and administration. His current research project focuses on examining the institutional (i.e., political, legal, bureaucratic, and agency culture) barriers and opportunities for incorporating more innovative forms of public participation into technical environmental decision-making at U.S. federal agencies. More broadly, his research interests include better understanding the role of social and political values in environmental decision-making, government ethics, the role of bureaucracy in democracy, and how government administration impacts public trust in democratic institutions and processes. 

Dr. Torres has been a senior research personnel on National Science Foundation- and National Institutes of Health-funded research projects examining participatory technology assessment and cultures of expertise in the U.S. federal government, water management in the Idaho Treasure Valley, and the assessment of risk factors for health disparities among Latina farm workers in Southwest Idaho. He has published work in the peer reviewed journal Review of Policy Research.

As a visiting assistant professor with a joint appointment in the Government Department and the Environmental Studies program, Dr. Torres will teach courses on U.S. environmental policy, politics, and law, Jr/Sr seminars focused on the role of expertise in environmental decision-making, and an introduction to environmental studies at the intersection of environmental humanities and politics.

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