Daniela Melo

Daniela Melo

Visiting Adjunct Instructor of Government and International Relations

Joined Connecticut College: 2013

Ph.D., University of Connecticut
M.A., University of Connecticut
B.A., Connecticut College


Social movements

Women's activism

State feminism and gender policy

Regime transitions and democratization

International relations

Comparative politics

Daniela F. Melo’s research occupies the intersection of three areas of study: social movements and activism, gender studies, and European Politics. Her work broadly examines the strategies and outcomes of interactions between social-movement organizations and political parties, in both domestic and supranational contexts (European Union).

Professor Melo teaches the following classes, among others: “Transnational Politics: Non-State Actors in a Globalizing World;” “Comparative Social Movements;” “Revolutions and Regime Transitions;” and “Rebels, Rogues, and Revolutionaries: Social Movements and the Politics of Protest.”

Her recent publications include an article in Social Movements Studies on the topic of strategic choice and feminist mobilization during the Portuguese Revolution. A second article in the Journal of Women in Politics & Policy compares gender-policy outcomes in Portugal and Spain during democratic consolidation (1974-1986). In addition, she contributed a chapter to the book The Gendered Executive: A Comparative Analysis of Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Chief Executives, edited by Janet Martin and MaryAnne Borrelli, out with Temple University Press. In the chapter, Melo explores the challenges faced by Portuguese prime ministers in setting gender policy in the contexts of Europeanization and domestic pressures from women’s organizations.

Currently, Professor Melo is researching the rise of movement parties in Portugal and Spain. Movement parties are led by coalitions of political activists emanating from social movements that try to cross over between the institutional and extra-institutional arenas. She is interested in how parties, such as Podemos in Spain, and Bloco de Esquerda in Portugal, network with social-movement organizations, and adapt extra-institutional tactics to institutional settings.

Melo is a Fulbright scholar, and has been the recipient of fellowships from the Tinker Foundation and the Luso-American Development Foundation.


Melo, Daniela F. 2016. “Women’s Mobilization in the Portuguese Revolution: Context and Framing Strategies,” Social Movement Studies, 403-416. DOI: 10.1080/14742837.2016.1149460

Melo, Daniela F. 2016. “Women’s Movements in Portugal and Spain: Democratic Processes and Policy Outcomes,” Journal of Women in Politics & Policy. DOI: 10.1080/1554477X.2016.1219586

Melo, Daniela F. and Stockemer, Daniel. 2014. “Age and Political Participation: A Comparative Analysis of Germany, France, and the U.K.,” Comparative European Studies 12 (1) (2014), 33-53.

Book Chapter

Melo, Daniela F. 2016. “The European Union, Executive Politics, and Women’s Movements in Portugal,” in MaryAnne Borrelli and Janet Martin (eds.), The Gendered Executive: A Comparative Analysis of Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Chief Executives, Temple University Press.

Recent Conference Presentations

2016 “Parties or Social Movements? Comparing Podemos and Bloco de Esquerda,” American Political Science Association (Philadelphia, PA).

2016 “Outplaying Kissinger: Role Theory and US Intra-Elite Conflict during the Portuguese Transition (1974-6),” Midwest Political Science Association (Chicago, IL)

2015 “Europeanizing Portugal: Impacts on the Relationship between the Executive and Women’s Movements,” Northeastern Political Science Association [Women & Politics section] (Philadelphia, PA)

2014 “Women and Revolution in Portugal: Structure, Strategy, and Ideology,” Conference: The Carnation revolution between African Colonialism and European Rebellion (Birkbeck, University of London, UK)

2013 “Challenging Power Structures: Policy Outcomes for Women in Portugal and Spain,” American Political Science Association [Women & Politics Section] (Chicago, IL)

Major or minor in Government or International Relations.

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