Lauren Anderson

Lauren Anderson

Associate Professor of Education
Chair of the Education Department

Joined Connecticut College: 2013

B.A., Yale University
M.S.Ed., Bank Street College
Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles


Teacher education

Education Policy

Urban Schooling

Critical Literacy

Curriculum and Instruction

Teacher/Pracitioner Research

Qualitative Research Methods

Lauren Anderson's research interests are situated at the intersections of education policy, teacher education, and K-12 school and classroom practice. In particular, she explores how teachers and school leaders make sense of and mediate federal, state and local policy in the context of their daily work. Lauren teaches courses focused on educational foundations, urban schooling, literacy pedagogy and elementary teaching.

Lauren's most recent studies focus specifically on equity-minded educators' responses to the implementation of the Common Core State Standards, as well as what teacher candidates learn from pre-service clinical experiences and how that learning impacts their in-service (post-graduate) teaching practice. Her scholarship remains centrally concerned with how educators build, maintain, utilize, and maximize resource-rich networks to enhance learning, engender school change, and advance educational justice. Related publications have appeared in the "Review of Educational Research," "Journal of Teacher Education," "Teachers College Record," and "Language Arts."

Lauren joined Connecticut College in 2013. Prior to her appointment, she served as an Assistant Professor of Education at the University of Southern California’s Rossier School of Education and as a Post Doctoral Fellow at the School of Education and Social Policy at Northwestern University.

Lauren holds a B.A. in Political Science from Yale University, an M.S.Ed. in Early Childhood and Elementary Education from Bank Street College, and a Ph.D. in Education from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Recent Publications (Selected)

Anderson, L., & Stillman, J. (2015) "(Over)Simplifying complexity? An on-the-ground account of the Common Core emphasis on complex text." Teachers College Record.

Stillman, J., & Anderson, L. (2015)."From accommodation to appropriation: teaching, identity, and authorship in a tightly coupled policy context." Teachers and Teaching, 21(6), 720-744.

Stillman, J., & Anderson, L. (2014). "Preparing the next generation of teacher educators." Teachers College Record.

Spillane, J., & Anderson, L. (2014). "The architecture of anticipation: Novices’ emerging understandings of the principal position." Teachers College Record, 116(7).

Stillman, J., Anderson, L., & Struthers, K. (2014). "Returning to reciprocity: Using dialogue journals to teach and learn from English Learners." Language Arts, 91(3), 142-156.

Anderson, L. & Stillman, J. (2013). "Student teaching’s contribution to preservice teacher development: A review of research focused on the preparation of teachers for urban and high-needs contexts." Review of Educational Research, 83(1), 3-69.

Stillman, J., Anderson, L., Wong, P. L., Arellano, A., Berta-Avila, M., Alfaro, C., & Struthers, K. (2013). "Putting PACT in context: Navigating mandated performance assessment." Teacher Education Quarterly, 40(4).

Oakes, J., Lipton, M., Anderson, L., & Stillman, J. (2012). "Teaching to change the world" (4th Ed.). Boulder, CO: Paradigm Publishers.
* Resources (open access) available at:

Anderson, L. & Stillman, J. (2012). "Making learning the object: Using Cultural Historical Activity Theory to analyze and organize student teaching in urban high-needs schools." Teachers College Record115(3).

* Video available at:

Anderson, L. & Stillman, J. (2011). "Student teaching for a Specialized View of Professional Practice? Opportunities to learn in and for urban, high-needs schools." Journal of Teacher Education, 62(5), 446-464.

Stillman, J., & Anderson, L. (2011). "To follow, reject or flip the script: Managing instructional tension in an era of high-stakes accountability." Language Arts, 88(6), 22-37.

Anderson, L., & Stillman, J. (2010). "Opportunities to teach and learn in high-needs schools: Student teachers’ experiences in urban placements." Urban Education, 45(2), 109-141.

Anderson, L. (2010)."Embedded and emboldened: Support-seeking and teacher agency in urban, high-needs schools." Harvard Educational Review, 80(4), 541-572.

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