Linnéa  Hussein

Linnéa  Hussein

Visiting Assistant Professor of Film Studies

B.A., University of East Anglia
M.A., Columbia University
Ph.D., New York University


Arab Cinema



Ethics of Filmmaking

Madness and Disability Studies

Structures of Representation

Born in Germany of Iraqi descent, Linnéa Hussein is a media scholar whose primary field of research lies within cinema studies, with an interdisciplinary approach that includes critical race theory, disability studies, and post-colonial theory. Her current research project focuses on discourses of race and discourses of mental illness that are appropriated to fit documentary media narratives about domestic acts of terrorism. This project looks specifically at American responses to terrorism post 9/11 through political as well as public health models in different mediascapes.

She has taught introductory media analysis lectures and advanced seminars on topics such as Arab activist cinema and censorship practices in US film history in different film and media departments at New York University.

Before pursuing her Ph.D., she worked for Just Vision, a nonprofit organization that creates documentary films and multimedia supporting Palestinian and Israeli community organizers and human rights defenders working toward a future of freedom, dignity, and equality.

Her articles and reviews have appeared in Film Quarterly, The New Inquiry, Social Text, and Film & History.

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