Manali Sheth

Manali Sheth

John D. MacArthur Assistant Professor of Education

Joined Connecticut College: 2019

B.A., Northwestern University
M.S.Ed., Northwestern University
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison


Justice-oriented Pedagogy and Learning

Critical Science Education

Ambitious Science Teaching

Critical Race Theory in Education

Women of Color Feminisms

Critical Qualitative Inquiry

Manali Sheth’s research interests focus on disrupting educational injustices experienced by students of color in their capacities as knowers and learners. Specifically, she examines how teaching and learning environments exacerbate educational inequities as well as how pedagogical practices can cultivate justice-oriented educational experiences for students of color. For example, her recently published research in science education proposes “grappling with racism” as a foundational science teaching practice through engaging a critical race analysis that demonstrates how colorblind conceptions of science, teaching, and learning lead to contradictions that thwart equity-minded science teaching goals. In her recently co-authored publication focusing on transformative youth leadership, Sheth argues for urban youth learning environments that support individual and collective youth development to support justice-oriented youth praxis.

Currently, Sheth is engaged in research projects that examine how intersectional oppressions constrain learning opportunities for Women Non-Binary People of Color (WNBPoC), how feminist critical race pedagogy can create anti-oppressive learning opportunities, and how pre-service science teachers engage with power-conscious counterstories to develop justice-oriented stances towards science education. She looks forward to further developing her research strands to explore WNBPoC science learning experiences, the racialization of Asian Americans in science education, and anti-oppressive teaching practices and tools.

Sheth joined Connecticut College in 2019. She teaches courses focused on science teaching, curriculum and assessment, and critical race and women of color feminist studies in education. Prior to her appointment, she served as an Assistant Professor of Education at Iowa State University, a community-based science curriculum developer, and a Chicago Public School science teacher. As a doctoral student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, she received the Pella Science Education Doctoral Fellowship in 2014.

Recent Publications

Salisbury, J.D., Sheth, M.J., Spikes, D. & Greber, A*. (in press). “We have to empower ourselves to make changes!”: Developing collective capacity for transformative change through an urban student voice experience. Urban Education. Available OnlineFirst:

Sheth, M. J. (2019). Grappling with racism as a foundational practice of science teaching. Science Education103(1), 37-60.

Braaten, M., & Sheth, M. (2017). Tensions teaching science for equity: Lessons learned from the case of Ms. Dawson. Science Education, 101(1), 134-164.


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