Nathalie Etoke

Nathalie Etoke

Associate Professor of French and Africana Studies
Chair of the French Department
Associate Director of the Center for the Comparative Study of Race and Ethnicity 2017-2018

Joined Connecticut College: 2009

B.A., M.A., University of Lille III, France
Diplôme d'études approfondies, University of Cergy-Pontoise
Ph.D., Northwestern University


Africana studies (film, literature, philosophy)

LGBT in the Afro-diasporic context

Melancholia Africana (loss, mourning and survival in Africa, America and the Caribbean)

Cultural studies (immigration, post-Colonial French identities, French Hip Hop, urban films)

Nathalie Etoke has taught a first-year seminar, France/Africa: An Encounter; Conversations on Post-Colonial Africa; Pensez Francais I: French Cultural Experience and Contemporary Issues in Francophonie; Pensez Francais I: French Cultural Experience; Black Blanc Beur Cinema/Literature; and French 407: La Caraïbe Francophone hier et aujourd'hui ( Slavery, memory and identity through literature and film).

She taught three new courses during the 2012-2013 academic year: Foreign Bodies Forbidden Sexualities in Africa and the Caribbean, Francophone Africa Through Conversation, and a first-year seminar, France/Africa: Story of An Encounter.

Her recent books are titled "Melancholia africana, l'indispensable dépassement de la condition noire," Paris, Eds du Cygne, September, 2010, which won the 2012 Franz Fanon Prize from the Caribbean Philosophical Association, and "L’écriture du corps féminin dans la littérature de l’Afrique francophone au Sud du Sahara," Paris, L’Harmattan, June, 2010.

Wanting to provide her students in her "Black, Blanc, Beur" course with a meaningful perspective on issues of race, ethnicity and citizenship in France, she made a documentary, "Afro Diasporic French Identities," and added it to her course resources.

  • "Mariama Barry, Ken Bugul, Calixthe Beyala and the Politics of Female Homoeroticism in Sub-Saharan, Francophone African Literature," Research in African Literatures, 2009, 40: 2, 173-189
  • "Black Blanc Beur: Ma France à moi.” Nouvelles Études Francophones, 24:1, Printemps 2009, 157-171.
  • "Au bout du petit matin, j’ai la force de regarder demain," French Politics Culture and Society, Volume 27, 76-80, Winter 2009
  • "L’onomastique comme poétique de la (dé)construction identitaire dans Tels des astres éteints de Léonora Miano," International Journal of Francophone Studies, Volume 12: 4 (2009): 613-638
  • "Writing the Woman’s Body in Francophone African Literature,"Codesria Bulletin, Number 3 & 4 (2006): 41-44.
  • "Mongo Béti et Les Mythologies Postcoloniales: Héritier et Inspirateur," Présence Francophone: Revue Internationale de Langue et de Littérature 60 (2004): 90-98
  • "Karmen Gei: Une Censure à l’Arme Blanche," l’Arbre à Palabres 14 (October 2003): 92-97
  • "Calixthe Beyala et Ken Bugul: Histoires et Regards de Femmes sur l’Afrique Contemporaine," Africultures 35 (2001): 35-39

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