Paul Madden

Paul Madden

Visiting Assistant Professor of Education

B.S., Boston College
M.Ed., Boston College
Ph.D., Boston College


Mathematics Education

Debate-inspired pedagogy

History of US Federal Mathematics Curricular Policy

Paul E. Madden is a mathematics educator, teacher educator, and researcher interested in understanding the competing sociopolitical and economic movements that have shaped (mathematics) education within the United States. At Connecticut College Dr. Madden teaches both introductory courses such as Foundations of Education and Introduction to Contemporary Issues in Education as well as elective courses related to his core research areas. Prior to Connecticut College he spent the first decade of his professional career as a secondary mathematics teacher, debate coach, non-profit leader, and mathematics instructional coach. Although most of his career in education has been within Boston Public Schools, Dr. Madden has taught within an Oglala Lakota Tribally Chartered school and, most recently, as a mathematics instructional coach in Foxborough, MA.

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