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Lecturer of French

Joined Connecticut College: 2010

“Diplôme d’Etudes Approfondies” in French Literature, Université Charles de Gaulle-Lille III, France
Ph.D., French Literature, Yale University

• Eighteenth-century philosophy, political thought, and science • Revolution and counter-revolution • The French Revolution’s Impact on the Caribbean colonies • The problem of equality in 18th-century thought

Ronan Y. Chalmin teaches French 101, French 103, and French 114,, and also taught a French seminar, "What is Enlightenment?

Chalmin's dissertation has been published in book form by Honoré Champion under the title Lumières et Corruption. This study explores the relationship between the notion of corruption and the culture of the French Enlightenment. It shows how corruption was the dynamic operator that produced the literary, philosophical and political aspirations that define eighteenth-century France.

Chalmin's recent publications include:

  • “Arcana imperii — Coup et secret d’Etat dans Le Tartuffe de Molière”, in Littérature, n°155, Paris, Larousse/Armand Colin, September 2009
  • “Orgasme. Pour une érotique de l’or dans Facino Cane de Balzac”, forthcoming, Romanic Review, Columbia University, 2011
  • "La République populicide. Relire Du système de dépopulation de Gracchus Babeuf," forthcoming, Dix-huitième Siècle, 2011

Professor Chalmin has taught French language and literature at Yale University and Tulane University. He also worked as a production assistant for French TV movies (France Télévisions), and as an editing assistant for the Editions Gallimard in Paris.

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Majoring in French.