Stephen Winters-Hilt

Stephen Winters-Hilt

Visiting Associate Professor

Joined Connecticut College: 2013

B.S., M.S., California Institute of Technology
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin
Ph.D., University of California at Santa Cruz



Machine learning

Genome analysis

Signal processing

Pattern recognition

Nanopore detector cheminformatics

Stephen Winters-Hilt's research focuses on fundamental methods in the analysis of data, and in the practical and efficient implementation of such methods for analysis of biological data and for signal processing. Winters-Hilt has authored 49 journal publications, 21 patent filings and one book (with three more books in process).

Winters-Hilt also has several years experience as Principal Investigator/Director of the protein channel biophysics/biochemistry lab at Children's Hospital, New Orleans, where he invented the 'NTD Nanoscope', a device that comprises a single-channel 'detector' with machine-learning based signal processing.

"My goal is to familiarize students with the powerful data analysis tools from information theory and machine learning. It's an exciting time to be doing machine learning work, especially when paired with bioinformatics and biology applications where the data is amazingly rich and complex. This is because many of the methods are new, only being discovered in the past decade or so, and their application generally yields important results both from the area of application, such as gene structure identification, and from the development of the method itself." - Stephen Winters-Hilt

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