May 24, 2019

From our founding in 1911 as the only college in the state dedicated to providing higher education for women, Connecticut College has embraced equity and inclusion as part of our distinctive moral framework and sense of obligation. That obligation was most recently rearticulated in our strategic plan, Building on Strength, through the goal of full participation. We have committed ourselves to an educational environment that will allow all people to thrive, to reach their full potential, and to contribute to the flourishing of others, not just on our own campus but also in a more just society. This Equity and Inclusion Action Plan provides a roadmap to get us there. 

Achieving this goal is central to our mission and values. To develop true citizens of a global society means preparing this generation for the difficult challenges of the next. It means teaching every one of us to recognize the inequities and exclusions that define the world we inhabit now, and then to develop the tools to build a better one for the future: by learning to speak respectfully and act honorably through our differences. That work begins right here.

The mission of Connecticut College is to put the liberal arts into action. This plan requires collective action. I am grateful to the many student, faculty, and staff leaders over the years whose dedication and vision brought us to this point, and I look forward to seeing how much more we can achieve together.

Katherine Bergeron