Annual Giving

Your annual gift supports everything Connecticut College is and does. It says you care about the College and want it to thrive.
Your gift counts toward the Campaign for Connecticut College. The Campaign is providing resources to elevate the level of academic challenge, improve the student experience and enhance the beauty and function of our historic campus.

Your gift makes you part of the momentum. Give now.

Annual giving supports scholarships that allow us to enroll outstanding students, buys athletic equipment, funds internships, underwrites the cost of field research, brings important speakers and artists to campus, provides resources for faculty, and so much more. The College puts these gifts to immediate use in the current fiscal year.

Annual gifts come in all sizes, from a few dollars up to $100,000 or more. Your enthusiasm sends an important message to others. And it provides tremendous advantages to Connecticut College students -- advantages that will last a lifetime.

Annual giving is the foundation of the College's financial support. The vast majority of gifts the College receives are through the Annual Fund. See the Honor Roll of Giving.

Connecticut College provides exceptional opportunities that prepare students to make a difference in the world today. This education matters. It takes your support.

How to give.

2013-14 Annual Fund results.

Questions? Contact the Annual Fund staff.