Signature Programs

In addition to a wide array of social programming, the Womxn’s Center has a growing slate of signature programs that are offered every year. See below for highlights on a few of these events. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out via

Self Care Series - Every Fall semester the Womxn’s Center hosts a series of events focused on prioritizing self care. Whether we’re gathering to make homemade facemasks, eat healthy snacks, or learn some new mindfulness techniques, you can count on having fun while meeting some new people and picking up some new wellness practices.

World AIDS Day - The Womxn’s Center partners with the LGBTQIA Center and other offices on campus to recognize this day with an event that raises awareness and offers an opportunity for education regarding HIV and AIDS. In 2018, Gender and Sexuality Programs (home to both the LGBTQIA and Womxn’s Centers) worked with Race and Ethnicity Programs and the Theater Department to host an on campus gallery of panels from the AIDS Memorial Quilt.

International Women’s Day - Every year for International Women’s Day (March 8), the Womxn’s Center hosts a Student Leader Panel where a group of women leaders on campus share their leadership journey and take questions from community members. In 2018, we also added a photoshoot, offering community members a chance to take a photo showing off their pride and support.

Equal Pay Day - A day dedicated to raising awareness of the wage gap, the Womxn’s Center observes this day by designing an informational campaign that goes up on our social media and all around campus. We’re excited to explore other creative ways of acknowledging this date and its significance in years to come.