Reflections, poems, music and tributes

Alumni, faculty, students, staff and family came together April 18, 2009 to celebrate the life of Charles Chu. The event opened with a performance by local musician Gabriel Kastelle on the er-hu – a Chinese fiddle that Professor Chu enjoyed playing.

The program featured readings of several of Professor Chu’s poems. A piece written by Philo of Judea, a favorite of Bettie Chu, was also read. View the poetry in the program booklet.

Speakers included:

Paula Chu: "I Make Sketch"
Daughter of Professor Chu

Leo I. Higdon, Jr. "A Treasure for the Ages"
President of the College

Tek-Wah King: "From the Peking Opera, a Feisty Fisherman"
Senior Lecturer in Chinese

Mary Ann Garvin Siegel '66: "An Unconditional Gift"
Alumna and friend of the Chu family

John F. Niblack: "My Big Brother"
College trustee and a student of Professor Chu’s

* * * * *