The Digitally Enhanced Learning Initiative (DELI) is a program to provide faculty and students with technologies that enhance student learning. The program consists of two options: mini-grants and course-loans. Proposals are accepted on a rolling basis year-round for both programs. Decisions on awards will be made once a month by the Instructional Technology team. Funds and equipment are limited.

DELI Mini-Grant Program

The mini-grant program provides funding for faculty members to explore and experiment with digital technologies to enhance teaching and learning. Faculty members may request up to $300 (per academic year) to support the purchase of software or hardware that will be used in one or more courses. Items purchased as part of this program are property of Connecticut College. Find a full description of the program, requirements, and eligibility guidelines in the Mini-Grant Call for Proposals.

For additional information or to submit a proposal, contact Jessica McCullough.

DELI Course-Loan Program

Through the DELI course-loan program, we provide every student in a participating class with mobile technologies. Students have been provided with such technologies as iPads, iPods, digital cameras, digital camcorders, pocket video cameras, digital audio recorders, and Zoom iQ6 microphones for iOS devices. Faculty wishing to participate in the program submit a proposal describing how the use of a particular technology in a course would support the students' learning. Depending on the technology and its use in the class, each student or group of students will receive a technology kit, to be used as part of the course. Find a full description of the program, requirements, and eligibility guidelines in the DELI Call for Proposals.

For additional information, contact Jessica McCullough.