These general guidelines have been established to help academic departments manage their record keeping. They are recommendations based on research and discussion with previous academic chairs and the Office of the the Dean of the Faculty/ For a more complete listing of materials to send to the archives and retention guidelines, please contact the archivist for copies of the Archives and Records Management Materials.

Permanent: Transfer to Archives every 5 years.

  1. Department publications, like newsletters. Also brochures, mailings, posters and other ephemera pertaining to events sponsored by the department. Inactive course syllabi.
  2. Correspondence pertaining to major events in the history of the department or office.
  3. Photographs, slides, films, audio or video tapes, CDs pr DVDs. (Please document audio-visual materials. If possible, please include the names of events and persons involved, title of the work, names of the creators, location, date, and any information pertaining to copyright).
  4. Faculty authored monographs, reprints, or off-prints; honors & master theses (send to technical services staff in Shain Library, for cataloguing).

Not Permanent:

  1. Departmental Annual Reports. (Destroy after 5 years; the Archives collects these from the President's office).
  2. Departmental or Office Budgets & Expenditures. (Destroy after 5 years. Destroy invoices & receipts after 1 or 2 years. The general ledger is archived by the Accounting Office.)
  3. Department Minutes. (Destroy after 5 years).
  4. Faculty Files. (Destroy after faculty member resigns, retires or passes away. Interesting information may be passed along to the Office of College Relations or the Office of the Dean of the Faculty for their files, which will be transferred to the Archives at an appropriate time.)
  5. Correspondence with alumni. (Forward significant letters to the Alumni Association for inclusion in the Alumni biographical files.)
  6. Search Files. (Retain all candidates files 2 years; thereafter, weed back to finalists and retain for 3 more years; then destroy.)
  7. Student Course Evaluations. (For tenure and promotion reviews, retain 12 years.)
  8. Subject files pertaining to the working activities of the department. (Weed annually.)

Note: There may be reason to include other materials created by your department in the permanent collection of the Archives. Consider their value and inform the College Archivist at x2686.