Standards for graduate study toward the degree of Master of Arts at Connecticut College are set by the college and the academic departments. M.A. degree candidates who are writing theses should confer with their advisers about manuscript preparation and matters of style.

Guidelines for submitting an M.A. thesis to the library

One copy of each M.A. thesis written at Connecticut College should be deposited in the library by the department for which it was written. The Library has established requirements for the submission and the physical format of the M.A. theses in the Archives:

  • Each M.A. thesis given to the library will be in a standard black thesis binder provided by the student or the department. Binders are available in the College Book Shop. The ring-binder is not an acceptable format.
  • A high-quality paper will be used in the manuscript. Recycled paper is not suitable for the preservation of manuscripts.
  • M.A. theses submitted to the library should be brought directly to the Catalog department or, if left at the Circulation or Reference desks, should be clearly labeled for the Catalog department.

Finding an M.A. thesis in the online catalog

M.A. theses submitted to the library since 1990 have been cataloged in the CTW online catalog, and may be found by using the standard search strategies: name of author, title of work, subject heading or keyword. In addition, a listing by department is retrievable by typing the following "keyword" search in the online catalog:

Connecticut and College and Masters and [name of department]

M.A. theses written before 1990 are listed by department in a card file under the heading "Connecticut College authors - Masters theses." Ask a Reference Librarian if you wish to consult this list.

The library hopes to have all of the M.A. theses cataloged online eventually. The current collection of M.A. theses in the Archives is incomplete because over the years not all theses have been deposited by the academic departments.