Shain Library First Floor Exhibition Area 

Cheap Libraries, or, Series Fiction and American Youth Reading Culture, 1880-1920, February 1-March 5, 2019

Changing technology and growing literacy in the second half of the 19th century led to the development of adolescents as a distinct market for book publishers. One result of that was the development of series fiction, novels with recurring characters and plotlines, which could be produced and distributed quickly and cheaply for the maximum profit of publishers. This exhibit highlights some of the most popular and characteristic series fiction of the turn of the century and the development of a distinctive youth reading culture.

Linda Lear Center Exhibition Area

Typographic Play:  Selections from Werner Pfeiffer's Liber Mobile and Alphabeticum, January 7-March 29, 2019

Book artist and printmaker Werner Pfeiffer is renowned for his experimentation with language and our very understanding of the book. In the two collections of prints, Liber Mobile and Alphabeticum, he experiments with the letterform as a work of art.

Charles Chu Asian Art Reading Room

Cui Fei: Counter Monument, March 14-April 30, 2019Charles Chu Room Cui Fei is a New-York based artist originally from Jinan, China. This exhibit draws mainly from her Tracing the Origin series, which she describes as a means "to explore the relationship between human beings and nature." Chinese characters, beginning as ideograms originating in nature "have become detached from the origin; and by inference...humans have also detached themselves from nature."