Shain Library First Floor Exhibition Area 

Consequently We Insist: Student Protest for Inclusion and Respect

Early in the morning on May 6, 1971, 25 members of the student Afro-American Society locked themselves into Fanning Hall in protest, where they stayed until the morning. Afro-Am, chartered in 1967, had made several proposals to College administration over the previous three years. Among these was a call for stronger recruitment efforts known as the “Spirit of ‘71”—that there be at least 71 Black students on campus by 1971.

The College's inadequate action, combined with poor communication, led to increased frustration on the part of the students, who forced a confrontation by their takeover of Fanning. This exhibition draws from materials in the College Archives to examine events leading up to and following this incident 50 years ago, including a second Fanning Hall takeover in 1986 and later waves of student protest in the 1990s and 2000s.

Charles Chu Asian Art Reading Room 

20th Century Japanese Prints

The Chu Room hosts an exhibition of twenty woodcut prints from the Chu and Shain collections highlighting the work of 20th century artists like Kawase Hasui, Eijiro Kobayashi, Hide Kawanishi, Shoda Koho, Ohara Koson, and Gakusui Ide.