Shain Library First Floor Exhibition Area 

Expanding the Herd: The Impact of Coeducation at Connecticut College

This May we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first fully coed class at Conn. Beyond simply expanding the population of the College, coeducation brought about changes in the campus's curriculum, traditions, and culture. This exhibit looks at that first class and the development of a coeducational campus

Charles Chu Asian Art Reading Room 

Bamboo: Chinese Paintings from the Chu-Griffis Collection

Plant studies are a common feature of traditional Chinese watercolor and perhaps no plant is painted more frequently than bamboo. This exhibit presents the fourteen examples of bamboo paintings from the Chu-Griffis Collection of Asian Art.

Linda Lear Center for Special Collections and Archives 

100 Years of the Palmer Library

Connecticut College's first library building opened in the spring of 1923. This exhibit features the planning and construction of that building (now the Blaustein Center for the Humanities) and the earliest library collection.