Workstation Guidelines

    • Download programs only from approved web sites unless known sources and the software is authorized for college use. Prior to installation, obtain approval to install the software from your departmental expert user. Once approved, please login to to submit the request for installation.
    • Do not install alternate toolbars on college owned machines.
    • Check with the IT Service Desk before sharing directories or printers.
    • Consider saving documents to the file server or Google Drive over saving to your desktop.
    • Learn how to check that your anti-virus software is up to date and turned on. Sometimes you simply need to run Live Update to get it started (especially if returning from break).
    • Logoff when you leave a workstation or close a website that you logged in to use.
    • If you will be returning to your workstation but leaving for a while (lunch for example), lock your workstation by hitting ctrl + alt + del and choosing 'Lock Computer' or set your computer to 'Sleep" mode.
    • Shutdown and restart your workstation at the end of your shift so software can be installed and backups can occur.
    • Clean your workstation's keyboard and mouse on a regular basis.


Do not upgrade your operating system until Information Services has informed you that all testing is complete and the new operating system is compatible with college systems.


Administrator Access

Authorized users with Administrator Access MUST abide by the following requirements:

  • Respect the privacy of others.
  • Comply with college computing policies, state and federal laws.
  • Use administrative login(s) only when necessary and not for everyday use.
  • Follow software/hardware installation best practices including: insure licensing requirements are satisfied before installing software; maintain purchase records if buying software on your own; keep software and operating system versions consistent with the college’s standard configuration.
  • Never assign an unauthorized user Administrator Access unless discussed with the Computer Support Services Manager.
  • Ensure that software, anti-virus and operating system updates are always current.

Authorized users with Administrator Access must be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Find the name and IP Address of a workstation
  • Set up printers and diagnose general printer problems
  • Diagnose network problems, i.e. identify a dead Ethernet port by swapping cables.
  • Assist general users with connecting to a nearby PaperCut printer or sending an email with attachment to as a workaround when the department or desktop printer is unavailable.
  • Verify that all Windows Updates have been applied to a workstation by using Windows Update.
  • Check workstation backups to ensure that the data is being backed up and ensure general users are frequently backing up their data.
  • Create desktop shortcuts for general users.
  • Confirm that spyware / toolbars exist on a workstation (hints: popup ads all the time, extra toolbars in IE, default homepage changed).
  • Understand how to navigate through files and directories on a workstation using Windows Explorer.
  • Report system problems (checking system status page, submitting a computer issue or service request via Web Help Desk at, etc.).