Feature Recommended Minumum
Memory 8GB Windows & Mac: 4 GB
Hard Drive 500GB or larger 250 GB

802.11ac Wireless Card

100 Mbps Ethernet Card

*Intel recommended

802.11n Wireless Card

100 Mbps Ethernet Card

*Intel recommended

Operating System**

Windows: Win7 or Win10

Mac: OS 10.8 or higher (Sierra)

Mac O/S updates are free 

Windows: Win7

Mac: OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion)

Desktop vs. Laptop? Laptops offer more flexibility in a college environment but either desktop or laptop is acceptable.

Mac vs. PC? This is a personal decision. Both are acceptable and work on the college network.

Printer? You do not need to bring a printer to Connecticut College. Inkjet printers require expensive ink cartridges and are not reliable. Wireless printers cause wireless interference in the residence halls and are discouraged.

We strongly suggest the following:

  • If you buy a Mac, pay for AppleCare. AppleCare AppleCare is an extended warranty and not an insurance policy.
  • If you buy a PC, opt for an extended warranty with accidental care for as long as you would like to keep the computer and as long as your budget permits.
  • If you do not backup your personal data to an online service such as Dropbox or Google Drive, buy an external storage drive to backup your data. Hard drives fail all the time and the IT Service Desk cannot guarantee file recovery.

It is highly recommended that you contact the Service Desk before upgrading your operating system to ensure that the operating system is compatible with current network security standards.