Approved by the Information Services Committee, May 11, 2006


As stated in Connecticut College?s Appropriate Use Policy for Computer and Information Resources, the college data network may not be used to violate copyright laws. It is a federal crime to distribute or download copyrighted music, movies, or software on the Internet without permission from the copyright owner. The College will notify students when an alleged infringement is reported to Information Services and request that they cease and desist sharing media files over the Internet for which copyright permission has not been granted. Students who do not respond within 72 hours are then reported to the Dean of Student Life for additional action. Any student identified of subsequent violations will be reported directly to the Dean of Student Life for potential adjudication under the Honor Code.


Guidance on how to legally obtain online music and media content is provided in Finding Legal Online Music, and Other Electronic Content. The Students are responsible for the appropriate use of the college network under the Student Code of Conduct and the Honor Code.

The following procedures will be followed when notification is received from the Recording Industry of America (RIAA) or other industry representatives by the College’s Designated Copyright Agent indicating that the College’s network has been used to illegally download copyrighted media material online:

1. On receipt of a notification from the RIAA or other industry representative, the Designated Copyright Agent will contact the Network Administrator to identify the student connected with the I.P. address identified in the notification.

2. An electronic copy of the industry notification will be forwarded to the user via campus e-mail. The user must remove the unauthorized media from their machine immediately and state in writing that all illegal file sharing activity will cease. Users certain that the alleged infringing media has been obtained legally or feel that the copyright owner has misidentified the material may respond denying the allegation. In either case, the user must respond by e-mail or contact the Designated Copyright Agent within 72 hours.

3. Network access will be temporarily blocked for student users not responding within 72 hours. Notification will be forwarded to the Dean of Student Life for further consideration.

4. Upon receipt of a response, the Designated Copyright Agent will mark the incident as “resolved” once the user has complied with the request or has submitted a counter response in writing. No further administrative action will be taken.

5. Subsequent violations reported by the RIAA for those previously notified of infringement will be assessed by the Designated Copyright Agent to determine the appropriate action. Offenders may be immediately blocked from the College network. A notification will be sent to Dean of Student Life regarding the subsequent infringement for potential adjudication under the Honor Code.