Approved by Senior Administrators, May 22, 2006


The College’s wired and wireless networks are for the use of Connecticut College students, faculty, trustees, and staff. However, with special permission and with sponsorship by a college organization or individual, contractors, financial auditors, guest speakers or others who are working for the college may be granted secure access to the Internet via the college network.


Requests for guest access to the secure network and Internet should be forwarded to the Technical Support Department of Information Services. Three working days advance notice is required for a secure connection to the Internet. A request for guest accounts must include the guests’ full name, along with the department or organization requesting the account, the start and expiration dates for the account, and the employee on campus who will be responsible for supervising the account. Once the guest’s access is authorized, the guest will be given a unique network ID and must agree to abide by the Connecticut College Appropriate Use Policy.