Connecticut College uses a print system, PaperCut, to enhance functionality, simplify maintenance, and to provide additional services. The Xerox printers/copiers/scanners, also known as Multi-Function Devices (MFDs), are located in the Shain Library, Greer Music Library, the Language & Culture Center, in many academic buildings, and in the College Center at Crozier-Williams.

Printing from the computer stations

When you print from any College network connected computer, your print job goes to the PaperCut print queue. You can then print your job from any one of the MFDs on campus. See list of MFD locations.

General instructions on retrieving and releasing your print jobs at the MFDs are available here: Retrieving Your Print Jobs (PDF).

Printing costs

Each student has a $30 allocation of printing for the academic year. 

Printing costs are $.09/double-sided B&W sheet and $.05/single-sided B&W sheet; for color printing the cost is $.18/double-sided sheet and $.10/single-sided sheet. At the MFD, you can choose to proceed with your print job or delete it to avoid incurring a fee. Your print job remains in the queue for 24 hours.

Double-sided printing is the default for black and white; you can change to single-sheet printing at the MFD. Single-sided is the default for color prints.

If you exceed your annual $30 allocation, your Camel Cash account will be charged. For questions about Camel Cash, visit the Camel Card Office website or call them at x2250.

Printing from campus dorm rooms or the campus wireless network

Users can email black and white documents to and email color documents to as long as the attachments do not exceed Google's sending limit of 25 MB. Documents attached to the email must be in the following formats: Microsoft Office Suite, PDF, or graphics files. Users can then log on to a MFD in any location to print the document. College networked computers must either have the task bar popup installed or the PaperCut client software installed to ensure proper printing results.

Personal printers are allowed but must be directly connected to your computer. You MAY NOT connect a printer via the wireless network on campus as it can interfere with WiFI access.

Scanning a document to your email

Each MFD has the ability to scan a document into a digital PDF format and email it to your email address or any other email address. There is no charge for scanning services.

Service requests

To place a service request or any other MFD software or hardware request, please visit the Campus Services tab on CamelWeb to submit a WHD ticket.