MFD Locations

1) Fanning Hall first floor south stairs
2) Fanning Hall second floor hallway (color)
3) Fanning Hall third floor hallway
4) Crozier Williams second floor
5) Winthrop second floor hallway closet
6) Hillyer Hall Printing Services (color)
7) Shain Library first floor (2 b/w and 1 color)
8) Shain Library lower level outside PC Classroom
9) Shain Library second floor outside Neff Lab
10) Bill Hall second floor closet room 211-1
11) Blaustein Humanities Center third floor
12) Blaustein Language and Culture Center
13) Bolles House
14) Olin Science Center first floor
15) Cummings second floor south hallway
16) Cummings Greer Music Library
17) Vinal Cottage CELS
18) Woodworth House
19) Warnshius Residential Life