The Records Management Program provides guidance and procedures relating to the management of records held in the College's academic and administrative offices. These records are an integral part of operating and sustaining the College. Beyond their use for daily operations, they also provide evidence of people and activities and are important documentation for the history of the College.

Records management is the practice of managing records throughout their lifecycle, from creation to disposition. It is the responsibility of all administrative offices and academic departments at Connecticut College. Proper care and management of College records ensures that we:

  • Keep important information and records properly stored, findable, and appropriately accessible
  • Save space and time by following guidance on what records need to be kept and what can be disposed of
  • Follow best practices for where to store or save physical and electronic records
  • Reduce legal and operational risk to the College by complying with federal and state laws, regulations, and recordkeeping guidelines (FERPA, HIPAA, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure)
  • Preserve College history and institutional memory

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