Always include a Records Transfer Form when sending materials.  It can be included with the records or emailed to

This procedure helps minimize physical damage to the records and ensures they can be retrieved easily following transfer.  

NOTE: These guidelines do not apply to electronic records.  When transferring digital files to the Archives there are several options depending on the number, type, and size of the files. Please contact the College Archivist for instructions.

Getting Started

  • Conduct a Records Survey to identify materials for transfer, separating out active records and ephemeral material.
  • Small amounts of materials can be sent in an envelope through campus mail or ask for an Archives Direct kit. This archival box contains acid-free folders with sticky notes for labeling, a USB flash drive for electronic files, and a Records Transfer Form.  It can be kept in the office/department to collect materials as they are produced or received, then brought to the Archives when full.  Arrangements can also be made with the College Archivist to have it picked up.
  • To transfer larger amounts, use standard size records cartons (12" x 15" x 10" high) such as banker's boxes. Boxes of different size may be difficult to place on Archives shelves and/or too heavy for staff to manage. See Vendor List for sources.

Fill boxes

  • Maintain the original order of the files—Place folders in boxes from front to back in the order they were filed or otherwise stored.
  • DO NOT use hanging folders; they do not fit the boxes—If materials are loose in hanging files, place them in a regular folder and label the folder.
  • DO label all folders—Use legible labels and pack folders upright with labels facing forward.
  • You may combine records series in the same box—Separate different series with a labeled sheet of paper.
  • Do not overfill boxes—Boxes should be full but not tight. Leave 1/2-1 inch of space at the back. If the last box is not full, pad it with crumpled sheets of scratch paper.

Prepare boxes for transfer

  • Create a box inventory—Make a list of all files/contents in each box.
  • Complete the Records Transfer Form. Place it and the inventory in the first box, on top of the folders. Keep a copy for your records.
  • Put the lid on the box but do not tape it shut.
  • Label the boxes in PENCIL—On the short end, write the department name, the date, and a consecutive number (1 of 5, 2 of 5, etc.).

Transfer boxes to the Archives:

  • Contact the Archives so we know to expect the delivery: | 860-439-2686
  • Put in a work order with Facilities to deliver to the Lear Center on the second floor of Shain Library. Please do not leave archival materials outside the Lear Center or on the Shain Library loading dock.
  • Upon delivery, notification will be sent to originating office.