Looking forward

Life after Connecticut College

An education from Connecticut College prepares you for more than just a successful career. A degree from this liberal arts institution will ensure you're well-prepared for life and all that it brings.

We'll help you hone the critical thinking skills that will enable you to approach every situation with clarity and apply your wide range of experiences to problem-solving. You'll be invaluable in any profession you choose and well-prepared for the best professional and graduate schools. 

This approach gets results. One year after graduation, 96 percent of Connecticut College alumni report that they are employed or in graduate school. Five years out of college, 97 percent are employed or in graduate school.

1 Year After Graduation Infographic. 65% are employed. 7% are in grad school. 24% are employed and in grad school. 4% other.


Four-year career program

Career Enhancing Life Skills (CELS)

While other colleges have traditional career services offices, Connecticut College's Career Enhancing Life Skills office, CELS, is different. CELS provides a four-year program through which students plan coursework and activities, culminating in a search for a career-related, College-funded internship and assistance for seniors embarking on job searches and graduate school applications.

Career and professional development from the start

As a student at Connecticut College, your career preparation begins the first week you arrive on campus. During Orientation, first-year and transfer students identify their interests and then find the academic pursuits, campus organizations and leadership opportunities that will help develop skills matching those interests. By immediately starting to think about what you want to do after college, you can tailor your liberal arts experience to your goals.


Funded internships

What if you could spend the summer after your junior year in a dream internship and get paid by Connecticut College to be there? In summer 2014, 340 rising seniors — three-quarters of the Class of 2015 — did just that. And when we say dream internship, Connecticut College students dream big. Swimming with dolphins? Done that. Working at Google and MTV? Been there. Conducting biomedical research at a top hospital? Check!

If you can dream it, our Career Enhancing Life Skills (CELS) advisers can help you get there.  Check out some recent internships here.

Yumi Kovic"I took on this internship to do something within the medical realm, but also something totally different from anything I had done before." - Yumi Kovic ’14


The Connecticut College Network

Networking ImageConnecticut College graduates share a bond built on many aspects of their educational and personal experiences, including heightened critical thinking skills and a commitment to lifelong learning. Our alumni are innovators and leaders across disciplines and across the globe. Whether you're a first-year student or celebrating your 50th reunion, you are a member of this exclusive Connecticut College community and can access the advice and support of our network of 25,000 alumni.


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Next steps

Job and graduate school resources

The College offers graduate school information in the ePortfolio system and has specialists on the Career Enhancing Life Skills CELS staff who can provide advice on graduate programs, applications and more. Need a good answer for the dreaded question "So, what are you doing next year?" CELS advisers are standing by to help you plan for senior year and beyond. We've got the resources, expertise and encouragement you need.

Top Grad Schools - Class of 2008 Infographic. Schools include Tufts, BU, Columbia, NYU, Northeastern, Yale, GWU, Brooklyn Law School, CUNY, Harvard, UConn and UVM.


Fellowships are paid opportunities to focus on your professional development, usually supported by organizations eager to promote leaders in their field.

Fellows spend anywhere from a few months to a few years on a range of field-specific activities, including conducting research or graduate studies, receiving rigorous academic and professional training, developing community initiatives and more.

And while fellowships have traditionally been granted to graduate and post-graduate students, Connecticut College also encourages its undergraduate students to pursue them in order to gain the professional experience and leadership skills that will make you highly valuable in the job market. 

Partnership with Koru

Connecticut College is a founding partner with Koru, a company focused on transforming the college-to-career landscape.

The Koru program gives Connecticut College students another opportunity to develop career and networking skills in a business environment.

Through the four-week program, rising seniors or recent graduates spend four weeks working directly with leading employers such as REI, zulily, Trupanion and Smartsheet to develop solutions to real challenges provided by the companies. Participants are coached throughout the experience on industry best practices, business etiquette and skill development by Koru’s accomplished network of CEOs, executives and recent grads. 


For employers

Why hire a Connecticut College student?

They've attended one of the country's top liberal arts colleges, but what else makes a Connecticut College student or alumnus a welcome addition to your organization? We'll tell you.

Host a College-funded intern

Your organization may not have the resources to pay an intern, but the College can help. We offer educational awards to our students in order to ensure they get real-world experience in their chosen fields. Find out more here.

Learn more about our employment programs

We can help you connect with highly qualified Connecticut College students and alumni through the various employment programs we use.