Weekend Preview with Meg Christman & Lauren Wise

Captain´s Corner: Connecticut College Senior Co-Captains Lauren Wise and Meg Christman are Gearing Up for an Exciting Weekend of NESCAC Volleyball Action at Luce Fieldhouse
Captain´s Corner: Connecticut College Senior Co-Captains Lauren Wise and Meg Christman are Gearing Up for an Exciting Weekend of NESCAC Volleyball Action at Luce Fieldhouse
This weekend, Connecticut College volleyball takes center stage in New London. The Camels (12-3, 3-1 NESCAC) will host three matches at Luce Fieldhouse, commencing with Friday night´s 6:00 p.m. matchup versus Middlebury. We had a chance to catch up with senior captains Meg Christman and Lauren Wise, who are pumped up for what promises to be an exhilarating weekend of NESCAC action. Meg, the teams is off to another terrific start at 12-3. What has been the key to the team´s success this season? I'm very proud of the success our team has seen so far this season and I think it comes from the fact that we are a competitive group of athletes and we're always trying to one-up each other in practice. We continually expect more from each other and the success we see in practice, when it's just us working hard together. Lauren, you recently buried your 1,000th kill and are just the second player in program history to surpass 1,000 kills and digs in a career. Congratulations! You seem to be playing your best right now. How do you prepare for each season to maintain your competitive edge? Thank you. Coach Edmed has always done a nice job preparing the team for each season by detailing summer and off-season workout regimens for us. There is a nice balance of cardio, ply metrics, core work and our claim-to-fame, weight lighting. We all work extremely hard to ensure that we come back into each season strong, energized and ready to win! And I think it definitely shows because our success thus far can be attributed to our top physical condition, which allows us to consistently win those long rallies/games. We jump higher, hit harder, and hustle faster than any other team. Meg, your coach Josh Edmed has really brought this program forward. The team has reached the NESCAC Semifinals in two of the past three years. What makes Josh such a great coach to play for? In the past three seasons in which I've played volleyball for Connecticut College, I have never once come to a practice that lacked organization, lacked a test of physical endurance, or lacked the reinforcement of our common team goals. Every year Coach Edmed asks us what we want out of our next season and he always comes prepared in August to try and deliver this to us. For these reasons I've enjoyed my time spent being a player for Josh, and his determination to unite our goals makes him a great coach to play for. Lauren, this should be an exciting weekend of NESCAC volleyball with the team hosting three matches here at Luce Fieldhouse. What should Camel fans be looking for? Fans should be ready to witness some awesome volleyball that can otherwise only be seen on TV!!! Volleyball is such a fantastic sport to watch because there is always some exciting, fast-paced play happening! Connecticut College Volleyball guarantees intense, fun games because we fight for every single point; we demand nothing but the best from ourselves and our teammates. So fans, prepare yourselves mentally and physically to see some competitive, athletic, skillful volleyball: hits so hard they will make your jaw drop, digs so sweet they will make you cry and sets so smooth they will make you wonder why you don't play volleyball! Meg, Is there any other message you wish to convey to Camel fans? Connecticut College volleyball would be nowhere without the hard work of its previous members. Every year we hope to build upon the year before regardless of whether we were in the bottom or the top of the rankings. It's all a process, and I feel I have personally benefited in many ways by contributing to that.

October 8, 2009

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