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Networking is easier than ever

Looking for a job? Want to get back in touch with a classmate? Moving to a new area?

The College offers many programs and services that can help you meet other alumni.

The "Networking & Careers" section of the alumni Web site has been expanded and reorganized to make it easier to see what the College offers. You can also find links to Facebook and LinkedIn groups.

It's also easier to join the Alumni Online Community. If you've never signed up, all you need is your Connecticut College ID. You can find it on most of the mailings you get from the College.

Through the Online Community, alumni have access to two great networking tools:

* the alumni directory, which lists contact information for vitually every Connecticut College alumna/us (far more than Facebook or LinkedIn); and

* class notes, which can be a wonderful way to see what others are doing -- and let them know what you've been up to.

"We want to be a timely and relevant resource," said Bridget McShane, director of alumni relations. "We offer more than I think most people realize."

March 15, 2009