Meet the Camels: Nick Sizer '12

Nick Sizer '12 and the Camel Men's Water Polo Team will Host Four Matches at Lott Natatorium this Weekend
Nick Sizer '12 and the Camel Men's Water Polo Team will Host Four Matches at Lott Natatorium this Weekend
Nick Sizer loves his life as a Connecticut College Camel. Contributing on a groundbreaking men's lacrosse team that qualified for the NCAA Championship in 2009 was a special experience that he will never forget. Now, Sizer along with fellow senior captains James Green and Sam Mitchell will look to cap off their careers by making some history of their own for the improving men's water polo program. You can get your first chance to see the guys this weekend when they play four matches at Lott Natatorium. Sizer does it all at Connecticut College. In addition to competing for two varsity programs, the senior from West Simsbury, Conn. holds a critical management post with the Office of Residence Life as a Housefellow in Harkness House. He also helps manage a portion of the College's endowment as a member of the Pegotty Investment Club and supports his fellow athletes and their endeavors as a member of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee. "The biggest thing for me is having that three-tiered relationship between academics, athletics and my social life to get the most out of my liberal arts experience at Connecticut College," Sizer said. "I love the small classes and the close interaction with professors. It's a great learning environment!" This past summer, Sizer worked as a leader for a backpacking company called Overland Programs. Sizer was overseeing the safety and well-being of 12 teens between 16-18 years of age on a six-week journey in Yellowstone National Park. The group saw four Bears during their travels along with Moose, Elk and other wild animals in their natural habitat. It was an exciting summer for Sizer but now he is ready for a fun filled weekend of water polo in front of students, friends, and family at Connecticut College. "It's great to be a part of a smaller team," Sizer said. "I'm drawn to the way our Coach JJ Addison is able to harness our best qualities by allowing us to mistakes and learn from them. He provides us with the time to develop in the pool and knows our strength and weaknesses. Allowing each play I make to be a teachable moment. We're going to compete even harder this year, especially with the freshman coming in. It's about using the talent we have effectively. We hope to finish in the top two and get into the D3 Eastern Championship." Sizer will graduate later on this spring with a government degree but many of the friendships that he has made across campus will stick with him forever. "My friends that play polo are some of my best friends here," Sizer said. "I really love this place." Sizer and the Camels will open their season Saturday with a 1:00 p.m. exhibition match at Lott Natatorium.

September 7, 2011

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