Tip of the Cap

Carlos Heros '16
Carlos Heros '16
Tip of the Cap 1. LeDuc, Mike-A tip of the cap to junior track & field All-American/Capital One Academic All-American Mike LeDuc. In his first race of the fall season, LeDuc placed seventh at the Williams College Invitational. Head Coach Jim Butler's squad has cracked the top 10 in the New England. 2. Camel Volleyball 9-1-A tip of the cap to the coach they call "The Boss" Josh Edmed and the Camel volleyball program. The Camels did not drop a game in three matches this week and have climbed to the #4 spot in New England. Caroline Martin, a rookie outside hitter has tallied 84 kills and 84 digs in the opening month of the season. Don't forget to log on and tune in to Tim Jarrett on the Connecticut College/First Team Broadcasting sports network when the Camels take on Eastern Connecticut State Tuesday night at 7 p.m. in New London. 3. Heros, Carlos. A tip of the cap to Carlos Heros, a freshman center on the Camel men's water polo team. Heros exploded with 15 goals, a pair of blocks and five steals in this weekend's action against the #1, #3 and #8 team in the CWPA National Poll. The Camels might be 1-6 but a competitive 16-10 loss to St. Francis proved that JJ Addison's squad is improving every week. 4. Beers, Ariana. A tip of the cap to Ariana Beers. For the third straight week, Beers was the Camels' top finisher. Beers posted a time of 19:41 to lead the Camels in 8th place at the Wesleyan Invitational. It marked the second time Beers finished among the top 10 in her first three weeks of collegiate action. 5. Hormel, Ryland. A tip of the cap to junior Ryland Hormel, who netted the game-winning goal in the 84th minute of action at the Coast Guard September 12. Max Nichols made seven saves in the Whale Cup victory. 6. Halsted, Heidi. A tip of the cap to sophomore Heidi Halsted and the Camel field hockey team. Halsted scored the game-winning goal in each of the Camels' first two wins. At Springfield September 12, Halsted supplied the game-winner in the final minute of regulation. 7. Torres, Aina. A tip of the cap to junior Aina Torres on the Camel women's soccer team, who scored her second goal of the season in a NESCAC contest at Trinity Saturday. 8. Potts, Pearson. A tip of the Cap to rookie skipper Pearson Potts, Ben Meyers and Steph Kapinos. The sailing trip placed seventh in the B division at the St. Mary's College of Maryland Fall Intersectional.

September 24, 2012

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