Faculty Intermediaries (formerly Faculty Ombudspersons)

Per the IFF, the College has up to three Faculty Intermediaries, each appointed to serve for a three-year term.  These Faculty Intermediaries serve in two ways:

  1. as an impartial source of information regarding processes and procedures for a faculty member involved in a Title IX case (as described in 1.6.3 of the IFF), accused of a violation of any other college policy, or involved in a complaint with another faculty, staff, or student on campus;
  2. as a mediator for informal conflict resolution among faculty members.

Current Faculty Intermediaries:

David Dorfman, Professor of Dance, chair of the dance department

David Dorfman

Professor of Dance

David Dorfman '81, is a professor of Dance at Connecticut College. David received a Guggenheim fellowship to research and choreograph on topics of power and powerlessness.

Christine Chung, Jean C. Tempel Associate Professor of Computer Science

Christine Chung

Associate Professor of Computer Science

Christine is an associate professor in the Computer Science department at Connecticut College. Her research is broadly in the area of algorithm design and analysis. She has leveraged her work to explore issues of fairness in employee scheduling. Christine also serves on the College’s Information Services Committee.

Simon Feldman, Associate Professor of Philosophy

Simon Feldman

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Simon Feldman is an associate professor in the Philosophy department at Connecticut College. His research engages topics in ethical theory and moral psychology. He teaches courses (including Feminist Philosophy, Philosophy of Race and Philosophy of Law) that focus on questions about the nature of social norms and their implications for oppression and inequality.

For more information:

For more information about the Faculty Intermediary role, see IFF sections:

1.6.3 – Grievances Alleging A Violation of Title IX Policy – Duties (of Faculty Intermediary) – Procedure for Appointment (of Faculty Intermediary)

9.2.5 – Resources for Complainants and Respondents