Connecticut College has one designated Staff Ombudsperson available year round for all employees, whether faculty or staff. In addition, the college has up to three Faculty Ombudspersons, each appointed to serve for a three year term as faculty peer advocates in conflict and grievance processes.

amy sereday

Amy Sereday

Staff Ombudsperson

Amy is a peacemaker by nature, so it’s no surprise she found a career as a conflict resolution practitioner.  Conflict is a fact of life, but it doesn’t have to be destructive.  Amy is guided by the belief that conflict can be a good thing; if we view it as an opportunity to make life better.

As a mediator, Amy has helped individuals resolve disputes with family, employers, landlords, and coworkers.  In addition to serving as our Staff Ombudsperson, Amy teaches in the Negotiation and Conflict Resolution program at Columbia University.   Amy brings together this knowledge and experience to promote a conflict responsive workplace at Connecticut College

Amy holds a master of science in negotiation and conflict resolution from Columbia University, a post-baccalaureate certificate in legal studies from University of Hartford, and a bachelor of arts in communication from Western Connecticut State University.

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David Dorfman, Professor of Dance, chair of the dance department

David Dorfman

Professor of Dance

David Dorfman '81, is a professor of Dance at Connecticut College. David received a Guggenheim fellowship to research and choreograph on topics of power and powerlessness.

Christine Chung, Jean C. Tempel Associate Professor of Computer Science

Christine Chung

Associate Professor of Computer Science

Christine is an associate professor in the Computer Science department at Connecticut College. Her research is broadly in the area of algorithm design and analysis. She has leveraged her work to explore issues of fairness in employee scheduling. Christine also serves on the College’s Information Services Committee.