Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology

Product Manufacturer/Distributor
Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) 90%Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) 90% Various
Photoreactive Resin (Black), for Form 1+ 3-D Printer Formlabs, Inc.
Photoreactive Resin (Castable), for Form 1+ 3-D Printer Formlabs, Inc
Photoreactive Resin (Clear), for Form 1+ 3-D Printer Formlabs, Inc
Photoreactive Resin (Flexible), for Form 1+ 3-D Printer Formlabs, Inc
Photoreactive Resin (Grey), for Form 1+ 3-D Printer Formlabs, Inc
Photoreactive Resin (White), for Form 1+ 3-D Printer Formlabs, Inc
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Ceramics Studio

Product Manufacturer/Distributor
Albany Slip  
Alumina Hydrate  
Antimony Oxide  
Ball Clays  
Kentucky OM #4  
Tennessee #1, SGP  
Tennessee #5  
Tennessee #9  
XX Sagger  
Barium Carbonate  
Barnard Clay (Blackbird)  
Bentonite 325 Mesh  
Veegum CER  
Veegum T (Macaloid)  
Bone Ash, Natural  
Borax, Powdered  
Boric Acid, Granular  
Burnt Umber  
Chromium Oxide  
CMC Powdered Gum  
Cobalt Carbonate  
Cobalt Oxide  
Copper Carbonate  
Cupric Oxide (Copper Oxide, Black) American Chemet Corp.
Cornwall Stone  
Dolomite (Limestone)  
Kona F-4 (Soda)  
APG Missouri Fireclay, 28 Mesh  
Gold Art  
Hawthorn Bond, 35 Mesh  
Hawthorn Bond, 50 Mesh  
Ferro Frits  
3304 (Leaded)  
3626 (Leaded)  
Gerstley Borate  
48 Mesh (Fine)  
20-48 Mesh (Medium)  
12-20 Mesh (Coarse)  
Ilmenite, Granular or Powdered  
Iron Chromite  
Iron Oxide, Black  
Iron Oxide, Red  
Iron Oxide, Spanish Red  
Iron Oxide, Yellow Ochre  
Grolleg (English)  
Tile #6 Kaolin  
Lithium Carbonate  
Magnesium Carbonate  
Manganese Carbonate  
Manganese Dioxide  
Mason Stains  
Alpine Rose (6001) Mason Color Works
Bermuda Green (6242) Mason Color Works
Black (6600) Mason Color Works
Chartreuse (6236) Mason Color Works
Chestnut Brown (6101) Mason Color Works
Chrome-Free Black (6616) Mason Color Works
Cobalt-Free Black (6650) Mason Color Works
Coral (6009) Mason Color Works
Crimson (6003) Mason Color Works
Dark Golden Brown (6107) Mason Color Works
Dark Leaf Green (6226) Mason Color Works
Dark Teal Blue (6371) Mason Color Works
Delphinium Blue (6308) Mason Color Works
Deep Salmon (6031) Mason Color Works
Golden Ambrosia (6129) Mason Color Works
Hazelnut Brown (6126) Mason Color Works
Lobster (6026) Mason Color Works
Lavender (6333) Mason Color Works
Manganese Alumina Pink (6020) Mason Color Works
Old Gold (6471) Mason Color Works
Orchid (6332) Mason Color Works
Pansy Purple (6385) Mason Color Works
Peacock Blue (6336) Mason Color Works
Pearl Grey (6506) Mason Color Works
Praseodmium Yellow (6433) Mason Color Works
Sage Grey-Green (6500) Mason Color Works
Saturn Orange (6121) Mason Color Works
Silver Grey (6530) Mason Color Works
Titanium Yellow (6485) Mason Color Works
Turquoise (6364) Mason Color Works
Vanadium Yellow (6440) Mason Color Works
Vanadium Yellow (6404) Mason Color Works
Victoria Green (6264) Mason Color Works
Fine, 200 Mesh  
Medium, 50-80 Mesh  
Nickle Carbonate  
Nepheline Syenite (Various Grades)  
Nylon Fibers  
Perlite (Volcanic Ash)  
Plaster, Pottery (K-59)  
Potassium Carbonate (Pearl Ash)  
Pyrax HS (Pyrophyllite)  
Red Art Clay  
Refractory Cement, No. 36  
Light Rutile, Ceramics Grade  
Dark Rutile  
Granular (Sand) Rutile  
Flint, 325 Mesh  
Sand, 30-50 Mesh (Coarse)  
Sand, 100 Mesh, (Fine)  
Silicon Carbide  
Soda Ash  
Strontium Carbonate  
Talc, Nytal 100HR (325 Mesh)  
Tin Oxide  
Titanium Dioxide  
Superpax, 500 Mesh  
Zircopax A  
Vanadium Pentoxide Various
Wax Resist, Water Base  
Wollastinite (Vansil W-20)  
Zinc Oxide  
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Cuprous Oxide (Copper Oxide, Red) Cuprous Oxide (Copper Oxide, Red)
Vansil W-10  
Vansil W-30  


Photography Darkroom

Product Manufacturer/Distributor
Archive Fixer Remover Sprint Systems
Block Stop Bath Sprint Systems
End Run Print Brightening Sprint Systems
End Run Wetting Agent Sprint Systems
Microdol-X Developer Kodak
Quicksilver Print Developer Sprint Systems
Record Alum Hardening Sprint Systems
Record Speed Fixer Sprint Systems
Standard Black & White Fixer Sprint Systems


Paint Studio(s)

Product Manufacturer/Distributor

Since students purchase their own paints and pigments without restriction, it would be impossible to maintain an accurate inventory of Material Safety Data Sheets. Therefore, artists are encouraged to search the resources below for the MSDS for their specific art product.

150 (Premium Gold) Parts Washer Solvent Safety-Kleen                  
MSDS Archive  
105 Solvent (Parts Washer Solvent) Safety-Kleen


Print Studio

Product Manufacturer/Distributor
150 (Premium Gold) Parts Washer Solvent Safety-Kleen                                      
Acetic Acid, Glacial Various
Acetone Various
Alumina Hydrate Various
Ammonia Various
Antiskin Spray Handschy
Asphaltum, Liquid Graphic Chemical
Asphaltum, Powdered Graphic Chemical
Bleach (5% Sodium Hypochlorite) Various
Bondex Skid-Tex ST-30 William Zinsser & Co.
Carbon Black Various
Carborundum Grit Daniel Smith
Chalk Rembrandt Graphic
Denatured Alcohol Various
Charbonnel Black Etching Inks Colart International S.A.
Charbonnel Black Satin Varnish Colart International S.A.
Charbonnel Colored Etching Inks Colart International S.A.
Charbonnel White Etching Inks Colart International S.A.
Etching Powder (Stannochlor) Various
Etching Thalo Blue Graphic Chemical
Fast Orange Hand Cleaner Loctite
Ferric Ammonium Citrate Photographers Formulary
French Chalk (Talc) Various
Glass Plus Dow Chemical
Gum Arabic Graphic Chemical
Hydrogen Peroxide, 3% Various
Inkote Anchor/Lithkenko
Lacquer Thinner, Painters SCI (Sterling, Clark & Iurton)
LithoVarnish Graphic Chemical
Varntine (Lithotine) Varn
Magnesium Carbonate Graphic Chemical
Methyl Cellulose Various
Nitric Acid Various
Overprint Varnish, Gloss Speedball Art Products, LLC
Phosphoric Acid Various
Phosphoric Acid Various
Plate Oil (Linseed Oil) Daniel Smith
Potassium Dichromate Photgraphers Formulary
Potassium Ferricyanide Photgraphers Formulary
Rosin, Powdered Graphic Chemical
Shellac Various
SolarPlate Hampton Editions
Spray Paint (Assorted colors) Various
Stearic Acid Graphic Chemical
Tannic Acid Powder Various
Turpenoid Weber
Universal Etch Ground - Hard Graphic Chemical
Wintergreen Essential Oil New Directions Aromatics
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105 Solvent (Parts Washer Solvent) Safety-Kleen


Sculpture & Welding Studio(s)

Product Manufacturer/Distributor                    
Brazo Flux ESAB
Electrodes, Tungsten (Various sizes)  
Filler Rod, Aluminum  
Filler Rod, Mild Steel  
Filler Rod, Stainless Steel  
Liver of Sulfur (Potash Sulfurated) Various
Premier Bronze (Investment Casting Wax) Remet Corp.
Shellspen Suspension Agent Shellspen
Welding Gas, Acetylene  
Welding Gas, Argon  
Welding Gas, Argon/Carbon Dioxide (75/25)  
Welding Gas, Oxygen