Product Manufacturer/Distributor
3 in One Oil WD-40 Co.
Abrasive Pads, Alumina/Zirconia Coated Saint-Gobain Abrasives/Grainger
Akylated Benzene Lubricant Virginia KMP
Alkaline Batteries Various
Aquatapoxy A-7 (Parts A and B) RLS Solutions
Asbestos (Representative MSDS) Various
Big Blu Leak Detector Refrigeration Technologies
Blast-A-Coil Virginia KMP
CarGo Quiksteel Epoxy Putty Access-Able Technologies/Grainger
Cleaner Blend 300 Degreaser ITW Devcon/Grainger
Clover Silicon Carbide Grease Mix Loctite
Contact Cleaner CRC Industries
DEVCON® Brushable Cermaic Blue (Resin and Hardener) ITA Polymers Adhesives/Grainger
DEVCON® Underwater Repair Putty (Resin and Hardener) ITA Polymers Adhesives/Grainger
Dissolve Descaler Cleveland Range Co.
Dye Capsule Leak Detector, Universal (EZ-4) Spectronics Corp./Grainger
GS-1 Refrigeration Leak Detector Dye Capsule‌ Spectronics Corp./Grainger
Ductseal 321 Hardcastle Carlisle
Fast Orange Hand Cleaner Loctite
Form-A-Gasket #1 Sealant Permatex
Form-A-Gasket #2 Sealant Permatex
Gas Leak Detector Nu-Calgon
Gas Leak Locator Virginia KMP
Glo-Away Fluorescent Dye Cleaning Solution Spectronics Corp./Grainger
Hydraulic Fluid Lubricating Specialties Co.
Lead, Solid Various
Oatey Purple Primer Cleaner Oatey
Oatey PVC Solvent Cement, Heavy Duty Clear Oatey
Oatey PVC Solvent Cement, Regular Clear Oatey
PB Penetrating Catalyst The Blaster Corp./Grainger
Pittseal 444N Sealant Pittsburg Corning Corp.
Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB's) Various
Product 459 - Gasket Material A.W. Chesterton
POW-R-PATCH Fiberglass Repair Kit Access-Able Technologies/Grainger
POW-R-STICK Epoxy Putty - Grey Access-Able Technologies/Grainger
POW-R-WRAP Pipe Repair Kit Access-Able Technologies/Grainger
Refrigerant, Freon 22 Dupont
Refrigerant, Freon 502 DuPont
Refrigerant, Genetron R-134a Honeywell
Refrigerant, Genetron R-401a Honeywell
Refrigerant, Genetron R-404a Honeywell
Refrigerant, Genetron R-408a Honeywell
Refrigerant, Suva 134a DuPont
Refrigerant, Suva 409a DuPont
Refrigeration Oil, C-3s Nu-Calgon
Refrigeration Oil, Sunisco 3GS Virginia KMP
Refrigeration Oil, Hydro Balance Z 150 Alkylbenzene North American Research Corp.
Refrigeration Oil, Trane Oil 22 The Trane Co.
RTV Silicone Red Adhesive & Sealant CRC
Sawzit Synthetic Lubricants, Inc.
ScaleBreak Descaling Solution Goodway Technologies Corp.
Sensor Safe Blue RTV Silicone Gasket Permatex
Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner Sunshine Makers, Inc.
Solvit WR Grace/Utility Mfr.
Spray Paint, Gloss Regal Blue Rustoleum/Grainger
Spray Paint, Gloss Smoke Gray Rustoleum/Grainger
Spray Paint, Gloss White Rustoleum/Grainger
Spray Paint, Primer (Hard Hat) Flat Red Rustoleum/Grainger
Spray Paint, Semi-Gloss White Rustoleum/Grainger
Trane Enviro-Coil Concentrate North American Research Corp.
Transformer Oil (Representative MSDS) Various
WD-40 Spray Lubricant WD-40 Co.
Weld-On® 710™ Low VOC Cement for PVC Plastic Pipe IPS Corporation
Welding Gas, Acetylene Various
Welding Gas, Argon Various
Welding Gas, Helium Various
Welding Gas, Nitrogen Various
Welding Gas, Oxygen Various
Welding Rod, Atom Arc-7018 ESAB
Wilsonart 500 Adhesive Ralph Wilson Plastics
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Chemicals Located at the Lott Natatorium

Product Manufacturer/Distributor
Cal Plus (Calcium Chloride Flakes) General Chemical/Brock
GLB Brominating Tablets GLB/Brock
GLB Filter Cleanse GLB/Brock
GLB Sequa-Sol GLB/Brock
GLB Super Sequa-Sol GLB/Brock
Natural Clear GLB/Brock
Oxone Plus (Monpersulfate Compound) Dupont/Brock
pH Minus (Sodium Bisulfate) Brock
pH Plus (Soda Ash) Brock
Pool Perfect GLB/Brock
Pulsar Plus Calcium Hypochlorite Briquettes Arch Chemical
Savol Shock Treatment (Sodium Hypochlorite 12.5%) Savol Bleach Co.
Sea-Klear Chlorine Free Shock Vanson HaloSource/Brock
Total Plus (Bicarbonate of Soda) FMC Wyoming Corp./Brock
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Pulsar Plus Chlorine Briquettes Arch Chemical