YouTube has posted a large collection of videos that illustrate various safety practices and procedures. They are not intended to replace individual instruction from a qualified person. For guidance, contact the Office of Environmental Health & Safety. All videos are from YouTube unless otherwise noted.

Automatic External Defibrillators
(How to use the types of AED's found at Connecticut College.)
Lifepak CR Plus by Medtronics/Physio Control
Lifeline by Defibtech
Powerheart AED G3 by Cardiac Science
Fire/Life Safety
"How to Use a Portable Fire Extinguisher"
"Kitchen Fire 411" (How to deal with a grease fire)
"Electrical Fire" (Why "cut" Christmas trees are prohibited)
"When Every Minute Counts...Dorm Fire Safety" (United Educators Video)
Other related videos (From Campus Firewatch)
Laboratory Safety 
Experimenting with Danger (YouTube video from the U.S. Chemical Safety Board) 
Glove Removal Safety (YouTube video from UCLA) 
Fire Safety in the Lab (YouTube video from UCLA) 
Pyrophoric Liquid Safety (YouTube video from UCLA) 
Handling Pyrophoric Materials (YouTube video from Dartmouth College) 
Pipette Safety & Ergonomics (YouTube video from UCLA)
Fume Hood Safety: Do's and Don't's (YouTube video from Labconco Corp.)
Chemical Storage Guidelines (YouTube video from Flinn Scientific)