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Frequently asked questions by incoming students


Is there an active queer community at Connecticut College?

Yes. There are many openly queer students on campus and many opportunities for students to be involved in queer activism. Spectrum (the sexuality and gender alliance club) is one of the most active student groups on campus. It hosts an array of events from discussion panels to queer-themed movie nights to the annual Drag Ball.

Is there a supportive ally community?

Absolutely. Many of the students involved in the LGBTQ Center, Spectrum and QPOC are allies to the queer community. Additionally, the general campus atmosphere is queer friendly, so it is not hard to find open-minded and supportive people on campus.

Are there any groups specifically for queer students?

Yes. CQ2, Connecticut College Queer and Questioning, is a student group on campus specifically for queer students and those questioning their sexuality or gender identity. The club meets once a week and works to build a supportive community for LGBTQ students at the College. The meetings are relaxed and completely confidential.

Are there any programs specifically for queer freshmen?

Yes. Incoming freshmen can take part in the "Queer Camel Welcome Program." This lowkey program allows incoming queer students to get to know older queer students and learn about queer life at Conn. The program utilizes both large group gatherings and individual meetings. Throughout the semester, the LGBTQ Center will host a series of gatherings for everyone involved in the program. To be involved in the Queer Camel Welcome Program, contact Professor Jen Manion at

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