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Faculty Profiles

Our commitment to outstanding teaching began with the opening of the first classes in New London Hall in the fall of 1915 and continues to this day.

Connecticut College professors are active scholars, researchers and mentors. Many have won national recognition for their teaching and research. Their collective experience – and their commitment to their students – gives the campus its intellectual vibrancy and shapes our reputation as one of the nation's best liberal arts colleges.

View profiles of individual professors below.


Name Department(s) Specializations
Abdi, Sana French North African Literature and Culture; Stylistics; Bilingualism; Translation; Postcolonial & Decolonial Studies; Comparative Literature
Accardi, Dean History, Global Islamic Studies Program Early modern and modern South Asia; Islamic world; Gender; Religion and politics
Alchermes, Joseph Art History Late Roman art; Early Christian art; Byzantine art; Medieval architecture
Anderson, Virginia Theater The AIDS Epidemic in Theater and Film; Theater History; Musical Theater; Theater and Social Change; Theater for Young Audiences; Dramaturgy; Performance Studies
Andrade, Michael Economics
Anthony, John P. Music Piano; Organ
Assor, Nadav Art New Media art; Interactive programming and prototyping as art-making methods; Sound and video production and presentation, with a focus on experimental methods; Experimental 3D methods: motion capture, 3D scanning, 3D printing; Media installation; Media performance; Critical perspectives on art and technology; Cultural aspects of military-industrial technologies, with a concentration on imaging technologies and drone (UAV) technologies, their histories and implications; DIY drone construction and control (hacking drones); Mapping-related and site-specific art
Athamneh, Waed Classics, Global Islamic Studies Program Modern Arabic poetry; 20th-century Arab politics; Feminism in modern Arabic fiction
Atherton, Geoffrey German Literature and culture of 18th century Germany; Modernism; City of Berlin and memory
Austin, James French Proust; French film
David Avritzer, Joana Economics Macroeconomics
Bailey, Gregory A. Art Sculpture; Mold making and casting; Ceramic shell foundry process; Welding and fabrication; Wood construction; Installation art; Conceptual art
Baldwin, Robert Art History Late Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, and Post-Impressionist art, Mercantile culture in European art and literature (1300-1700); Landscape in European art and literature (1350-1920); Music in European art, literature, and society (1400-1920); Gender and art (1300-1920)
Barbier, Clara French
Barnard, Chris Art Painting; Drawing; Two-dimensional art; Art history; U.S. militarization and imperialism; Critical discourse in contemporary art
Barnes, Phillip Biology Genetics; Evolution of complex quantitative traits; Insect flight
Bennett, Joyce Anthropology Ethnicity and identity performance; Language revitalization; Migration; Gender and sexuality; Social movements
Benoit, Catherine Anthropology Areas of interest: Haiti, St. Martin, Guadeloupe, French Guiana, European overseas territories, Union of Comoros, Mayotte; Necropolitics, borders, (im)mobilities, maritime cemeteries; Garden and Landscape studies
Bernhard, Anne Biology Microbial ecology of estuaries and salt marshes; Community ecology and population dynamics of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria
Berry, Sarah English Medical/Health Humanities; Health Justice; Literature and Medicine; 19 th -Century American Literature; Critical Race Theory; Structural Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging
Bhatia, Sunil Human Development Racial, ethnic and migrant identity in global and transnational cultures; Cultural psychology and narrative theory; Ethnography and qualitative methods
Black, Rachel Anthropology Food studies; Anthropology of the senses; Anthropology of Food; Gender and work
Borer, Tristan Government, International Relations Human rights; Human rights and the media; Transitional justice; Gender and human rights; International relations
Borrelli, MaryAnne Government, International Relations United States politics and government; Gender and United States politics; The Presidency ; Congress
Branchini, Bruce Chemistry Firefly bioluminescence; Development of improved reagents for imaging genetic activity; Synthesis of bioluminescent compounds; Protein nuclear magnetic resonance
Buttery, Gary A. Music Tuba; Euphonium; Conductor; Arranger/Composer
Cannon, Peter Economics
Chavanne, David Economics Experimental economics; Behavioral economics; Economics and philosophy; Income redistribution; Law and economics
Chhabria, Sheetal History South Asian history; Colonialism; Urbanism; Capitalism; Global history; History of Poverty
Ching, Stanton Chemistry Inorganic materials chemistry; Electrochemistry
Chomiak, Beverly A. Physics, Astronomy, Geophysics, Environmental Studies Program Economic geology and geochemistry; Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Chung, Christine Computer Science Algorithm design and analysis; Algorithmic game theory
Clark, John Music Jazz; American music; History of western music
Coats, Wendell John Government, International Relations History of Western political philosophy from Plato to the present
Colbath, Christopher Slavic Studies Russian Literature
Cole, Jeffrey Anthropology Food and agriculture; Migration; Race and ethnicity
Collins-Achille, Shani Dance Dance theory and composition; West African dance and folklore; Somatic practices; Dance history
Crawford, Lindsay Philosophy Epistemology; Metaethics; History of philosophy
Cruz-Saco, Maria Economics Open macro and development economics; Social protection systems in Latin America; Migration and remittances
Daggett, Thomas Computer Science Computer architecture; Distributed processing; Web and collaboration technologies; Software engineering
Davis, Andrew Environmental Studies Program Environmental studies; Environmental law and policy; Marine pollution
Dawson, Jane Government, International Relations, Environmental Studies Program International environmental justice; International environmental politics ; Comparative environmental activism and politics
Desloge, Taylor History
Diagne, Mohamed A. Physics, Astronomy, Geophysics Free-space optical communication; Semiconductor device physics with emphasis on lasers and detectors; Plasmonic structures for gas and liquid sensing; Bio-imagers for optogenetic applications
Donovan, Pierce Economics Bioeconomics; Endangered Species Conservation; Land Use; Mathematical Modeling; Dynamic Optimization; Causal Inference
Dooling, Amy East Asian Languages and Cultures, Global Initiatives Modern and Contemporary Chinese fiction and drama; Chinese women's writing; History of the women's movement and feminism in China; Translation
Dorfman, David Dance Choreography
Eastman, Deborah Biology Developmental biology; Molecular biology; Genetics; Microbiology
Egan, Danielle Gender, Sexuality and Intersectionality Studies Affect; Sexuality studies; Gender and feminist theory; Queer theory; History of ideas; Childhood and youth; Psychoanalysis
Feldman, Simon D. Philosophy Ethics; Moral psychology; Feminist philosophy; Philosophy of law
Ferhatovic, Denis English (Pronouns: he/his/him) Medieval literature, esp. Old and Middle English poetry; Word and image; Postcolonial theory; Translation
Flagg, Julia A. Sociology, Environmental Studies Program Environmental sociology; Climate change; Costa Rica; Disasters; Human ecology
Fleury, Eric Government, International Relations International Relations; U.S. foreign policy; Terrorism; Diplomacy; International relations
Flores, Ronald Sociology Immigration studies; Urban sociology; Racial and ethnic groups; Family sociology; Latino studies; Community-based learning/engagement; Sociology of education
Forster, Marc History Early modern Germany (1500-1800); German Catholicism, popular religion and popular culture, rural society
Frenkel, Ian Music Jazz piano
Garofalo, Leo J. History Latin American and Caribbean history; The history of race and ethnicity; African diaspora and Afro-Latin America; Peru and the Andes
Garrett, Noel
Gaubinger, Rachel English Victorian literature; Modernist literature; Narrative theory; Affect studies; Queer theory; Psychoanalysis; Gender and women's studies
Gay, Robert Sociology Democracy; Civil society; Organized crime; Violence; Brazil
Gonzalez, Luis M. Hispanic Studies, Film Studies Peninsular literature; Spanish film studies; Spanish cultural studies; Culture and ideology
Gonzalez Rice, Karen Art History Contemporary art (1945-present); Experimental art; Performance studies; Contemporary art and the body; American studies; contemporary art in America; Religion in contemporary art; Trauma studies; Art and ethics
Gorman, Jennifer Psychology Health psychology; Psychology of women; Gender roles; Attitudes and expectations; Applied research methods in psychology
Grahn, Ruth E. Psychology, Neuroscience Program Impact of stress on behavior and neural function; Animal models of psychopathology; Role of serotonin in fear/anxiety-related behaviors; Protein immunohistochemistry
Graesch, Anthony Anthropology Archaeology of the contemporary; Household Archaeology; Discard & Discarding; Experimental archaeology; Materiality; Indigenous and Settler Societies in North America
Graziano, Frank Hispanic Studies Spanish American cultures; Popular Catholicism in Spanish America; Undocumented migration
Grossel, Martha J. Biology Molecular biology; Cell biology; Cancer and the cell cycle; Cell cycle regulation
Gudipati, Meera Music Flute
Hamlett, Nakia Psychology Child, adolescent and young adult mental health; Complex trauma; Ethnic minority and underserved populations; Child development and developmental psychopathology; Personality disorders; Psychological assessment; Clinical risk assessment and management; Positive behavioral support plans
Hammond, Christopher Mathematics Operator theory; Complex analysis; Series Convergence Tests
Hanna, Karen Buenavista Gender, Sexuality and Intersectionality Studies Social Movements; Filipinx Studies; Women of Color and Transnational Feminism; Diaspora Studies; Disability Justice; Queer of Color Critique; Radical Pedagogy; Decolonial Praxis
Hardeman, Kristine J. Biology, Botany Molecular biology; Genetics; Plant biotechnology
Harris, Cherise A. Sociology Race, class and gender; Marriage and the family; Social psychology
Heredia, Aida Hispanic Studies Latin American literature and culture; Caribbean literature and culture; Critical theory
Howes, Candace Economics Labor economics; Low-wage workers; Care work; Long-term care
Henderson, Heidi Dance Modern technique; Choreography; Improvisation; Anatomy; Dance writing
Klein Hernández, Kris History Borderlands History; Comparative Ethnic Studies; U.S. History; Comparative Racialization
Hove, Shawn Dance Dance production; Dance lighting; Mediated performance; Dance film; Dance documentation; Choreography; Dance technique
Huang, Yibing East Asian Languages and Cultures Modern and contemporary Chinese literature, art, and culture; Modernism and postmodernism; Chinese American literature and art; Indigenous poetics and global modernity; Cultural translations between Chinese and American poetry
Irwin, Whit Mathematics
Ivanov, Petko Slavic Studies Cultural history of the Slavs; History of Slavistics; Linguistic anthropology; Second language acquisition; Nationalism; Ethnography of religion; Polish and Balkan studies
Izmirli, Ozgur Computer Science Content analysis of music audio; Computer Vision; Music information retrieval; Music perception and cognition modeling; Multi-modal computer-user interfaces; Real-time interactive music technology
Jafar, Afshan Sociology Gender; The body and embodiment; Media; Globalization; Nationalist and fundamentalist movements; Muslim immigrants in the U.S.; Transnational women's movements
Jaffe, David Theater Actor training; Collectively created performance; Theatrical adaptation; The works of Anton Chekhov
Jarvis, Peter Music Percussion; Chamber music
Johnson, Warren P. Mathematics q-analysis; Calculus; Determinants; Special functions; Number theory; Combinatorics; History of mathematics
Jones, Chad Plant ecology; Plant succession; Invasive species; GIS and ecological modeling
Jones, Chad Botany, Environmental Studies Program Plant ecology; Plant succession; Invasive species; GIS and ecological modeling
Kane, Eileen M. History, Global Islamic Studies Program Russian/Soviet/post-Soviet history; Modern Europe; Empires
Kennedy, Katie Music Cello
King, Tek-wah East Asian Languages and Cultures Syntax and morphology; Chinese writing system and dialects; Language pedagogy
Kleman, Adam Chemistry
Knott, Suzuko German Contemporary German language and literature; Film and media studies; Gender and women's studies
Kobayashi, Hisae Japanese, East Asian Languages and Cultures Language pedagogy; Japanese language
Kohli, Priya Covariance Modeling; Longitudinal Studies; Multivariate Studies; Time Series Analysis
Kuder, Emily Hispanic Studies Hispanic linguistics; Phonetics and Phonology; Second language acquisition
Kushigian, Julia A. Hispanic Studies Gender, culture and race studies in Spanish America; Orientalism in the Hispanic tradition
Kwong, Katherine Human Development Gerontology; Social Determinants of Health; Health Disparities; Qualitative Research Methods; Public Health
Lanoux, Andrea D. Slavic Studies, Global Initiatives Russian and Polish languages and literatures; Gender studies in Slavic cultures; Nationhood and nationalism studies; Literary canon formation ; Post-Soviet children's literature
Lee, Ellen Classical and medieval Latin poetry; Gender and sexuality; Classical reception
Lee, S. James Computer Science Avatars; Computer graphics and visualization for interactive applications such as computer games, virtual reality environments, autonomous interactive characters, museum installations
Levi, Jacob French
Levin, Andrew Government, International Relations Peacekeeping; International conflict resolution; The United Nations; Civil wars; International relations
Litchmore, Rashelle Human Development Ethnic and Racial Identity; Social Policy; Education; Discursive Psychology; Applied Social Psychology; Intersectionality; Qualitative Methods
Lis, Jaroslaw Music Violin; Viola
Little, Laura Slavic Studies, Global Initiatives Russian Literature; Late Soviet Culture; Russian Language; Bulgarian Language and Culture; Slavic and Balkan Cuisines; Jewish Emigration from Eastern Europe
Lizarralde, Manuel Botany, Environmental Studies Program Ethnobotany; Environmental anthropology
López-Anuarbe, Mónika Economics Health economics and health equity; Economics of aging; Economics of caregiving; Intergenerational transfers; Game theory
Luo, Di Art History, Architectural Studies Chinese Art; Chinese Architecture; Architectural History; Architecture; Asian Art; World Art; Digital Humanities
Machtans, Karolin German, Global Islamic Studies Program 20th and 21st century German literature and film, with a special focus on post-1945 German history and culture, minorities and transnationalism ; Post-1945 German history and culture; German-Turkish relations; Muslims in Germany; Minorities in Germany; Holocaust studies; Literary theory
Campos Manzo, Ana Lilia Sociology Law and Society; Critical Childhood; Sociology of Health
Marshall, Jillian C. Psychology, Neuroscience Program Impact of stress and anxiety on memory formation ; Animal models of spatial learning; Factors that affect circadian rhythms and sleep architecture
Martin, Nina K. Film Studies Feminist film and cultural studies; The impact of film and TV on feminist discourses
Marulis, Loren Human Development Human development; Early cognitive development; Metacognitive and self-regulatory processes; Early childhood development and education; Educational psychology
Maser, Daniel Physics, Astronomy, Geophysics Nonlinear optics; Fiber lasers; Laser spectroscopy; Precision measurement
Mayhew , Wes Music Trombone
McCormick, Mark Music Jazz; Double bass
McDonald, Kate Biology; Neuroscience; Neurobiology of Learning and Memory
McDowell, Timothy Art Lithography; Woodcut; Monotype; Etching; Engraving and collograph; Cyanotype and photomechanical image making in relation to an experimental drawing course
McKenna, Edward J. Economics Macroeconomics; Econometrics
McKeon, Kathleen Mathematics Computational graph theory; Enumeration; Algebraic graph theory; Probabilistic combinatorics; Algorithms and analysis
McNeish, James Music Classical guitar; Acoustical recording engineer
Misra, Sonia Film Studies Queer and Trans* Media; Experimental Film and Video; Digital Cinema; Film Philosophy; Queer Temporality; Queer of Color Critique
Mitchell, Peter Government, International Relations International public law (humanitarian, human rights, sea and airspace, environment); Rule of law; International relations; The Judiciary; Law and society; Constitutional law
Moak, Daniel Government, International Relations American Politics; Race and Ethnic Politics; Public Policy; Constitutional Law; American Political Thought
Moher, Jeff Psychology, Neuroscience Program Cognitive psychology; Cognitive neuroscience; Visual attention; Cognition in action
Morelli, Frida Italian Studies Linguistics; Italian language; Translation
Morin, Ross W. Film and video production; Screenwriting; Cinematography; Editing; Directing; Film theory and practice; History of the documentary; History of experimental cinema
Mukerji, Purba Economics International finance; International trade; Economies of developing countries
Neely, Michelle English American literature to 1900; American Studies; African American Literature; Environmental Humanities; Food Studies; Animal Studies; Feminist Theory
Newman, Patrice Music Piano
Nier, Jason A. Psychology The assessment of intergroup attitudes; Reducing intergroup bias ; Contemporary forms of discrimination and the enforcement of civil rights laws
Chhabria, Sheetal South Asian history; Colonialism; Urbanism; Capitalism; Global history; History of Poverty
Notarfrancisco, Sabrina Theater Costume design; Costume construction; Costume history; Costume shop management
Noreen, Rebecca Music Bassoon
O'Connor, Kelli Music Clarinet
O'Keefe, Augustine B. "Tina" Mathematics Commutative algebra ; Topological Combinatorics
Ogano, Kumi Music Piano; Composers Toru Takemitsu and Akira Miyoshi
Ostby, Marie English, Global Islamic Studies Program World literature; Postcolonial literature; Middle Eastern studies; Gender studies; Genre studies; Social media
Ovaska, Timo V. Chemistry Organic chemistry
Owen, T. Page Botany Botany
Pace, Matteo Italian Studies Medieval Italian Literature ; Medieval Medicine, Science, and Philosophy; Body and Embodiment
Park, Yong Jin Economics Applied microeconomics and behavioral economics; Banking and comparative banking systems; Social inequality and labor supply
Parker, Gary Computer Science Artificial intelligence; Cognitive science; Autonomous agent learning; Colony robotics; Evolutionary robotics; Genetic algorithms; Multi-legged robots; Interactive video games
Parker-Athill, E. Carla Biology, Neuroscience Program Molecular Neuroscience; Neurobiology; Immunology
Patton, Carmela Italian Studies, Dean of the College, Global Initiatives Italian language and culture
Patton, David Government, International Relations Comparative politics; European politics; European Union; Federal Republic of Germany
Pelletier, Denise Art, Architectural Studies Ceramics; Sculpture; Site-specific art
Pessin, Andrew Philosophy Early modern philosophy; Philosophy of Religion; Metaphysics; Jewish philosophy; Zionism
Phillips, Darryl Classics Ancient Greek and Roman history; Latin literature of the late Republic and Augustan age; Roman topography
Portnoff, Sharon J. Classics Modern Jewish thought; Holocaust theology; Dante; Primo Levi; Israel
Prestininzi, Kenneth Theater Playwriting; Creative ensemble; Performance studies; Theater history and literature
Priyanka, Sadia Economics Applied Microeconomics; Development Economics; Labor Economics; Economics of Gender
Pront, Robyn French 20th-century French literature and history, especially representations of war
Quagliato M., Luciana Gender, Sexuality and Intersectionality Studies
Queen, Sarah A. History Early Chinese cultural history; The spiritual and philosophical dimensions of Confucianism and Daoism; Confucianism in East Asia Today (Confucianism and Human Rights; Confucianism and Democratization; and Confucianism and Ecology)
Race, Lisa Dance Post-modern dance technique; Dance improvisation; Composition and choreography
Reder, Michael R. Joy Shechtman Mankoff Center for Teaching & Learning, Roth Writing Center Faculty Teaching and Learning Programs at Small Liberal Arts Colleges; Contemporary recent English and postcolonial fiction and theory; Salman Rushdie; Teaching of writing and tutoring; Professional preparation and politics in the profession
Rivkin, Julie English American literature; Gender studies and contemporary literature; Literary theory; Henry James
Roberts, Rosemarie Dance Body, knowledge, power and difference; Dance studies; Intersection of arts and social justice in education; Social psychology of performance and dance
Rosa, Maria Biology Marine Biology & Ecology; Oceanography; Marine Sciences
Rotramel, Ariella R. Gender, Sexuality and Intersectionality Studies Social movements; Gender and women's history; Women and work; Ethnic studies ; Queer and sexuality studies; Feminist praxis; Community-based learning; Digital Humanities
Rudolph, Jennifer L. Sociology Latino cultural studies; Critical race theory; Masculinity theory
Rushin, Kate English Creative Writing/Poetry; 20th Century Black Women Writers; The African American Poetic Tradition; Women of Color Feminisms and Intersectionality; American Popular Culture, Media, Language and Poetry
Sayej, Caroleen Government, International Relations, Global Islamic Studies Program Persistent authoritarianism in the Middle East; Contemporary Islamic social movements; Modernization and identity politics; Middle Eastern studies; Comparative politics; International relations
Schenk, Richard Dance Dance composition; Music for dance
Schneider, Tanya L. Chemistry Biosynthesis of natural products; Antibiotic resistance; Quorum sensing
Schroeder, Joseph A. Psychology, Neuroscience Program Neurobiology of analgesia; The neurobiological mechanisms of psychostimulant related behavior; Animal models of neurodegenerative disease, schizophrenia and drug abuse; Heavy metal neurotoxicity; Spatial navigation learning and memory; psychology of sleep and ecological sleep pattern recording
Seifert, Michael Physics, Astronomy, Geophysics General relativity; Particle physics; Classical field theory; Lorentz symmetry
Sender, Courtney English Fiction
Sesma, Megan Music Harp
Shields, Francis Athletics
Sica, Paola Italian Studies Italian culture in comparative context (especially literary and visual representations from late 19th century through the contemporary era, with emphasis on modernism and avant garde); Gender studies; Critical theory; Translation and transculturation; Language pedagogy
Singer, Jefferson A. Psychology Personality theory; Autobiographical memory; Clinical psychology; Couples and family therapy; Narrative identity; Addiction
Siver, Peter Botany, Environmental Studies Program Limnology; Phycology; Impacts of environmental stress on lakes; Reconstructing ancient environments
Spicer, Rachel Botany Xylem structure and function; Vascular development in trees; Parenchyma physiology
Steiner, Christopher B. Anthropology, Art History, Museum Studies Program African art and material culture; Art market and collecting; Images of race and "otherness" in visual culture; Offbeat museums and visionary art; Censorship and museum controversies; Vernacular photography
Stelzner, Mark Joseph Economics Inequality and the political underpinnings of the economic system
Stewart, Jacob Chemistry Physical chemistry; Laser spectroscopy; Atmospheric chemistry
McNicol Stock, Catherine History Rural radicalism, domestic terrorism; Social, cultural and political history of the United States, 1877 to present, including the American West; Rural America; The Great Depression and the New Deal
Strabone, Jeff English Eighteenth-century British literature; Romantic literature and culture; Literary relations among England, Scotland and Wales; African novels; Race, nation and empire; Modern Drama; Media Theory
Suriyapperuma, Sardha Biology, Botany Molecular biology; Plant and cell biology; Microarray; Genomics and linkage mapping; Plant-microbe interactions
Susskind, Perry D. Mathematics Complex analysis; Geometry and low-dimensional topology, particularly Kleinian groups; Discrete groups of isometries of hyperbolic n-space; Hadamard manifolds; Geometric group theory
Swagler, Matthew History Modern Africa ; Decolonization; Africa and the United States; Youth and Childhood; The Global 1960s
Takamori, Ayako East Asian Languages and Cultures Japan; Asian America; Anthropology; Transnational Migration; Comparative Race and Ethnicity; Gender and Sexuality; Media and Visual Cultures
Tarimo, William Computer Science Educational technology (edTech); Computer-supported pedagogy; Agile teaching; Affective computing; Artificial intelligence; Robotics; Web and mobile development; IT entrepreneurship
Thomas, Joshua Music Saxophone
Thomas, Margaret (Midge) Music Tonal and non-tonal music theory; Issues of rhythm and time in contemporary music; Music theory pedagogy; Analysis of jazz and popular music
Thompson, Douglas M. Physics, Astronomy, Geophysics, Environmental Studies Program Geomorphology; Hydrology; Hazards; Geology; Geography; Civil engineering
Thompson, Vincent Mathematics Statistics; Introductory Math; Calculus
Thorne, Jaime L. French horn
Tian, John Qunjian Government, International Relations Chinese political economy; East Asian political economy; International political economy; Comparative political economy and politics
Timilsina, Laxman Economics Applied Microeconomics; Welfare Economics
Tornay, Martha Dance
Turner, Derek Philosophy Philosophy of science; Philosophy of biology; Environmental philosophy
Uddin, Sufia Anthropology, Religious Studies, Global Islamic Studies Program Environment and religion; Global Islam; Race and ethnicity in South Asia; South Asian studies; South Asian American studies
Ursin, Marya Dance Yoga; Mask, myth, movement
Vallye, Anna Art History, Architectural Studies History of 20th century architecture; History of urban planning; Interwar avant-garde art and architecture
Van Cleve, Libby Music Oboe
Villarreal, Gino Music Trumpet
Vogel, Larry Philosophy Ethics; Applied ethics; Phenomenology and existentialism
Vukicevich, Eric Botany Soil ecology; Organic cropping systems; Pest management
Wallace, Amanda Russhell Art digital photography; analog photography; lens-based media; time-based media; video art
Waller, Jurate Švedaite Music Vocal instruction; Opera
Weinstein, Michael Physics, Astronomy, Geophysics First-year physics ("studio"); Introductory astronomy lectures and labs
West, Summar English
Wilczek, Luke Chemistry
Wilder, Lina Perkins English Shakespeare; Renaissance literature; Performance studies
Wilson, James Dale Music Ethnomusicology; Jazz; Guangdong ritual and ritual music; Southeast Chinese perspectives on migration and transnationalism
Wollensak, Andrea Art Social design and collaborative community ventures; Mapping and visualizing data; Digital poetics; Site-specific installation works; Digital Fabrication; Design History and Graphic Design; Book Arts and Typography
Zakriski, Audrey L. Psychology Children's mental health; Contextual assessment of child psychopathology; Childhood peer rejection and victimization
Zhdanovskikh, Maksim Ivanov Music Voice
Zimmer, Marc Chemistry Computational chemistry; Fluorescent proteins
Cerullo, Jessica Theater Actor Training; Contemplative Dance Practice; Devised Theater; Michael Chekhov Technique; Social Practice Art; the Viewpoints
Tarker, Kate Theater Playwriting; Theater History and Literature
Dreyer, Glenn Botany, Arboretum Vegetation management; Ecology and horticulture of native plants; Invasive exotic woody plants; Large and historic trees