While most of the College's vehicles are assigned to specific offices, there are a few vehicles available in the motor pool for occasional use for College business.

The following guidelines have been established for use of vehicles:
  • Vehicles are reserved on a "First come, first served" basis.
  • Vehicles are not loaned for use in connection with social events nor to pick up department guests.
  • Vehicles must be picked up by the driver and returned to the Service Building. We do not retrieve vehicles left elsewhere.
  • Driver must present his/her driver's license at the time of pick up, which will be copied for our files. Some vehicles require a Connecticut Class II license (Public Service).
  • The rate for vehicle usage will be $50 or the prevailing IRS reimbursement rate per mile, whichever is the greater amount.
  • Facilities Management may, in special instances, be able to provide a driver; however, the requesting department will be billed for this service at the prevailing charge rate. (Overtime, if necessary, may require a minimum of four hours' charge.)
  • The College reserves the right to refuse the use of any of its vehicles at any time at the College's discretion.

Requests to use vehicles must be submitted via email to workreq@conncoll.edu. Be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Department requesting vehicle
  • Date and time for vehicle use (pick up and return)
  • Reason for vehicle request
  • Destination
  • Name of the authorizing faculty or staff
  • Account number (FOAPAL) to charge mileage/ usage fees