These courses are designated "Writing Across the Curriculum" (WAC) courses, and are designated with a "W" in the course catalog.

The goal of teaching writing is not merely to "fix" or "polish" student essays, but to produce better writers — writers who can write clear and intelligent prose, who can produce sophisticated and challenging arguments, and who can take part in the larger intellectual "conversation" that the college experience is designed to sustain and promote.

Courses that fulfill the writing requirement will include the following elements, with the understanding that courses may approach these elements creatively:

  • A minimum range of 15 to 25 pages of graded writing
  • Writing assignments distributed over the course of the semester
  • Instructor feedback on writing, along with opportunities for students to make use of suggestions (Feedback could include instructor comments, conferencing, peer reviewing, and rewrites)
  • Time spent discussing writing skills and strategies

Students are required to take two "W" courses. All first-year seminars will normally be designated as "W" courses.

Also see "Language and Cross-Curricular Requirements."