Four-Year Overview

The core of your student’s academic experience will be major requirements, General Education (GE) courses and electives. On top of these he or she can add other programs, including study away, center certificates, summer research and a funded internship. While every student’s experience is different, this overview shows typical timing and sequence for these opportunities. Workshops provided by the College's career center, the Office of Career Enhancing Life Skills (CELS), are required to qualify for the funded internship.

Year One: Exploration
Auditions and placement tests (where
First-year seminar
Consider sequencing issues (e.g. sciences,
pre-med, foreign languages)
Begin GE requirements
Electronic portfolio workshop (CELS)
Personality assessment workshop (CELS)

Year Three: New Dimensions
More major courses and electives
Study away*
Certificate programs: coursework and
Explore/apply for postgraduate fellowships*
Interview workshop (CELS)
Internship workshop (CELS)
Fellowship and graduate school counseling
Summer: Funded internship or funded
Year Two: Focus
Declare a major (by March 31)
Finish GE requirements (by year-end)
Explore/apply to interdisciplinary certificate
Explore/apply for study away*
Major courses and electives
Career exploration workshops (CELS)
Professional communications workshop
Summer: Funded research on campus*

Year Four: Synthesis
Upper-level seminars
Independent study or honors thesis
Certificate students: senior integrative project
Apply for post-baccalaureate fellowships*
Internship reflection paper (CELS)
Alumni networking, grad school or job
search (CELS)

* Program has enrollment limits, prerequisites or competitive application process. Students should indicate their interest early to their academic or program adviser.

It's never too early for your student to:

  • Get to know academic advisers
  • Get involved outside the classroom
  • Investigate postgraduate fellowships
  • Visit the career office
  • Ask for help or advice

Also, encourage your student to investigate academic centers early. Entry may be competitive and students must apply early in their sophomore year.