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Connecticut College's Charles E. Shain Library underwent an extensive renovation from June 2014 to March 2015. Read all about it here.

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Ernst is starting to look like a library

Old and new: The reference desk just moved to Ernst as #ShainReno gets underway.

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Shain services will be unavailable June 2-6

The Shain Library building will be closed the week of June 2-6 while all library services move to Ernst Common Room in Blaustein. For that week, and only for that week, no Shain services or collections will be available.

Shain Library services (circulation, reference, reserves, ILL, etc.) will open in Ernst on Monday, June 9, and will be available there all summer and throughout the next academic year.

The Shain Library collections will remain in Shain. In order to check out any materials, you will use the special request function in the online catalog, Caravan. Your materials will be retrieved and available for pick up in Ernst on the next working day. More detailed information on the process will be distributed in June and library staff members will be happy to walk you through it if necessary.

If you need access to items from the Linda Lear Center for Special Collections and Archives, special arrangements must be made in advance. Call Ben Panciera (x2654) or Becky Parmer (x2686).

Staff: If you work with faculty members and they have asked for your help with reserve book lists, please get those course reserve requests for the fall to Carol Strang as soon as possible. It will take longer to process these requests, so please allow extra time.

Faculty: There is still time to get fall reserve lists in, but please send them to Carol Strang as soon as possible.

During the academic year, open access computers will be available in the first floor halls and atrium, the Faculty Lounge and Ernst in Blaustein, as well as in the Greer Music Library in Cummings. There will also be seating in Ernst, the Faculty Lounge and throughout Blaustein that can be used when those spaces are not being used for classes or events. However, this summer, the Faculty Lounge will be used as a staff space, and will not be available.

Finally, many of you draw heavily on our terrific collection of documentaries and films. Please bear in mind that you will not be able to stop by the library to browse the shelves for titles to watch on the weekend. If you request something on a Friday, you will have to stop by on Saturday to pick it up. Some of our leisure film and book collection will be in Ernst for browsing, but that is a restricted in size. Again, please call us for help at 860-439-2655.

If you have questions, call the Reference Desk at 860-439-2655 or stop by their new location in Ernst beginning on June 9.

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Let them eat cake!

Thanks to the Class of 2015 for the lovely cake and the opportunity to share information about the renovations to Shain Library at dinner on April 13.

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Shain Renovation Information Session

Learn more about the renovations to Shain Library on this webcast featuring Ulysses B. Hammond, vice president for Administration; W. Lee Hisle, vice president for Information Services and librarian of the College; and Ellis Tonissi, vice president of the Class of 2015.

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Latest news: Construction in Shain Library scheduled during spring break

- Shain Renovation

The early stages of Shain Library renovations continue, with work scheduled for both weeks of spring break. The library will be open during the break: Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

During the week of March 10-14, contractors will be installing the new compact shelving units on the lower level. This work will involve drilling and the placement of existing metal shelving units onto moving carriages.

Beginning on Monday, March 17, the journal collection that has been split in half and housed on two different floors since January will be reunited on the new compact shelving units on the lower level.

Work will also be taking place on the second and third floors of Shain Library throughout the break, including the installation of new shelving units on the second floor and the continued shifting of books and journals on both floors.

There will be updated signage and maps throughout the library to indicate where materials are located, and assistance is always available at the reference desk and from library staff.

As with all construction projects that are part of the renovations of Shain, every effort is being made to minimize disruption and noise.

Please direct any questions about the renovation to For questions about library services, visit Ask a Librarian.

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Shain Library improvements are already underway

- Shain Renovation

The bulk of the remodeling will begin this summer and continue through the 2014-15 academic year, but some work has already begun in order to move the project forward on schedule. There will be construction conducted this week on the lower level of the library and some book shifting may occur on the second and third floors as well. On Tuesday, Jan.21, contractors will be drilling and installing rails for the new compact shelving units on the lower level. Because this work will be disruptive, the library will close at 4:30 p.m. and will open again the next morning at 8 a.m.

You will find a few items have already moved:

Every effort is being made to minimize disruption and noise, including scheduling as much work as possible during spring break, but some projects must be done while classes are in session. Immediately before and during finals, however, all construction work in the library will be suspended.

Information and updates about the renovations will be posted throughout the life of the project on these Web pages and will be provided from Most emails about the renovations to Shain Library will come from this address, so watch for those messages in your inbox.

Library staff members are committed to providing the same outstanding level of service throughout the renovations as they always have. Please direct any questions to And please keep in mind that the renovated Shain Library will transform the campus and the life of everyone who uses it.

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