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Why is the library being renovated?

To better serve the needs of students, faculty, staff and other patrons of the library. The changes will be both functional and aesthetic, and will result in more comfortable, usable, technology-rich study spaces as well as new tools and services to conduct digital scholarship.

How long will the renovations last?

Renovations will begin after Commencement (May 18, 2014), and are scheduled to be completed in mid-summer 2015.

How will the library be different after the renovation?

The library will offer additional seating, collaboration spaces and reading rooms; access to more electrical outlets for student equipment; and an accessible restroom. In addition, it will house a new Technology Commons, the renovated PC Classroom, the Academic Resource Center, the Digital Scholarship & Curriculum Center (formerly the Digital Curriculum Center) and an Advanced Technology Lab. Aesthetically, the new library will feature expanded natural light; clear, energy-efficient windows; and new interior finishes, lighting and furniture. And the Blue Camel Café will be located on the first floor in a study space that will be available 24 hours a day.

Are there spaces or services that will be offline for the year?

All library materials, librarians and library services will still be accessible during the renovations. (See "Library Services" and "Library Materials" in these FAQs for information about how to find and access materials and services.) However, all public spaces — study areas, meeting rooms, etc. — within Shain Library will be offline due to the construction inside. Alternate study spaces and meeting rooms have been identified and can be found in these FAQs under  "Labs and Study Spaces" and "Events."