Shain Library

College libraries around the country are shape shifting.

"There really has been a complete shift in the idea of what a library is doing on a campus, a shift from a concept of a place for preserving knowledge to a space for creation and collaboration," Katherine Bergeron, president of Connecticut College, told The Associated Press.

The AP interviewed President Bergeron for an Aug. 19 story about college libraries in the digital age. According to The AP, "hundreds of schools, from Ivy League universities to community colleges, have remade their libraries as colorful hubs of college life."

Photos of the newly renovated Charles E. Shain Library were among those featured to show how libraries have transformed from repositories for books to more comfortable social spaces of "creation and collaboration," as President Bergeron said.

Shain Library was built in 1976 with small windows to help protect materials from sunlight. Kurt Vonnegut dubbed it "The Noodle Factory" during his speech at the building’s 1976 dedication. It was, as The AP’s photos reveal, renovated to emphasize natural light and to become a communal space.

Connecticut College News August 2016