On the weekend of November 7, 2015, Connecticut College’s Office of Sustainability hosted the first-ever Student Sustainability Leadership Symposium for college students in the Northeast.

Student sustainability leaders from across the Northeast were invited for a half-day symposium to learn and be inspired by each other and to develop practical skills through interactive workshops. A primary goal of the Student Sustainability Leadership Symposium was for all participants to gain and enhance practical leadership skills that they could bring back to their colleges or universities and communities to apply to new or existing projects.

As part of Connecticut College’s commitment to hosting the first ever Student Sustainability Leadership Symposium, the Office of Sustainability hosted a second day of workshops open to all College and local community members on Sunday, November 8. The second day of the symposium embodied the tenet of full participation by inviting community members, prospective students and alumni to join current students, staff and faculty in enhancing practical leadership skills that will help us all develop sustainable communities locally, nationally and globally.

The annual Sustainability Student Leaders (SSL) Symposium

The annual Sustainability Student Leaders (SSL) Symposium (née Eco-Rep Symposium) brings together Student Sustainability Leaders from many different colleges and universities in the Northeast to learn and be inspired by each other for a half-day conference. Peer-to-peer sustainability education and engagement programs (sometimes called Eco-Reps) are commonly found at colleges and universities across the country with sustainability programs. These students promote environmental stewardship among residential or other students by raising awareness about ecological issues and encouraging environmentally conscious behavior. Learn more the about Student Sustainability Leaders Symposium, housed at Tufts University.