The Student Sustainability Leadership Symposium is a great opportunity for students to learn and be inspired by each other and to develop useful skills primarily through interactive workshops and round-table discussions. On Saturday, the structure of the symposium will support students from different schools to lead sessions on a variety of topics, providing valuable presentation experience as well as facilitating the distribution of strategies and techniques between students and institutions. Workshops will be grouped by broad topics based on the submissions received from institutions throughout the Northeast. The symposium will conclude with a keynote speech from an expert in the field of sustainability and a social gathering that will allow students to informally meet each other and share ideas.

On Sunday, the Symposium will follow a similar structure as the first day and will include interactive workshops, presentations, and round-table discussions by Connecticut College alumni, the College’s Office of Sustainability, the College’s Interdisciplinary Centers and local community members. Just as the structure of the first day of the Symposium facilitates the distribution of strategies and techniques between students and institutions, the second day of the Symposium will encourage Connecticut College and local community members to do the same. The second day will also include a panel comprised of Connecticut College Alumni currently working on sustainability projects from around the country.

The symposium provides an opportunity for participants to join an active community of like-minded individuals striving for holistic sustainability on their campuses and in their communities. The symposium also provides students and community members with some of the skills and techniques necessary to foster transformative sustainability action within their local and global communities. After attending the symposium, participants should feel inspired in their work as sustainability leaders and connected to a broad group of individuals that share similar interests and who could become partners in the effort to overcome barriers that we all face in our collective work.