Established in the spring of 2012, the Sustainability Fellows Program provides students with the opportunity to support the research, planning, and implementation of projects handled or supported by the Office of Sustainability.

Sustainability Fellows work actively with campus organizations, clubs, and committees as well as community groups that are directly related to these projects to enhance the College's commitment to sustainability. Furthermore, embedded in the values of the College's mission, the Sustainability Fellows Program's goal is to provide real-life learning applications that assist students in putting their liberal arts education into action.

The Sustainability Fellows Program is focused on four major areas and thus divided into four teams: academic programs, communications, community collaborations, and resource management.

All Academic Program Fellows work directly with the Faculty Director, while each of the other three areas of the program are co-supervised by the Manager of Sustainability and a Senior Fellow. Senior Fellow positions were developed for during the summer of 2014 to provide students with an opportunity to develop leadership and management skills, while continuing their work with the Office of Sustainability.

All Fellows are required to participate the Fellows Training Workshop that is designed to provide all involved students with a foundational understanding of the College's structure and function, how their projects connect to the College's overall sustainability goals and a set of skills that they will draw on as Fellows.

Job descriptions for all Fellow and Senior Fellow positions:

Communications Team

Senior Fellow for Communications

Communications Fellow - Multiple positions

Communications - Engagement Fellow

Strategic Communications Fellow

Graphic Designer


Community Collaborations Team

Senior Fellow for Community Collaborations

Community Collaborations Fellow

Camel Sprouts and Children Garden Fellow

Lending Library Fellow


Food Systems Team

Senior Fellow for Food Systems Team

Sustainability Food System Fellow - Multiple positions


Sustainable Campus Infrastructure

Senior Fellow for Sustainable Campus Infrastructure

Sustainability Facilities Fellow

Renewable Energy Fellow

Resource Efficiency Fellow


Waste Reduction Team

Waste Minimization Fellow - Multiple positions


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If you are interested in applying to be a Sustainability Fellow, please contact the Office of Sustainability at