The Office of Sustainability has developed a number of partnerships with local community organizations to both support their important missions and to provide Connecticut College students with structure, positive ways that they can get involved within the local and national communities. 

The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE)

Missioned to inspire and catalyze higher education to lead the global sustainability transformation, ASSHE provides an information platform for higher education institutions to share their ideas, projects, and experiences on sustainability. The Connecticut College Office of Sustainability participates as a member of ASSHE and aims at communicating our commitment to holistic sustainability nationwide. The Co-Directors of the Office of Sustainability will be presenting at the 2014 National AASHE Conference in Portland, Oregon, about the innovating leadership structure that Connecticut College has developed for its sustainability efforts. 

Food: Resources, Education, Security, Health (FRESH)

Based in New London, Conn., FRESH is a small non-profit organization dedicated to building a sustainable, accessible, and healthy local food system. The Office of Sustainability has developed numerous collaborations with FRESH, through which many Connecticut College students volunteer their time to support FRESH’s programs. Local New London students involved with FRESH often share successes and best practices with Connecticut College students involved with the Sprout Garden. Additionally, FRESH hosts a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) drop point at the Office of Sustainability, through which Connecticut College community members can purchase a season-long produce share from FRESH.

Hodges Square Village Association (HSVA)

The Hodges Square Village Association (HSVA) is a local business and residential non-profit organization dedicated to the revitalization and quality of life of the Hodges Square area in New London. The Office of Sustainability works closely with the group on the revitalization efforts and has created a Hodges Square Village Association Fellow position to assist the HSVA with their ongoing efforts and to help develop strategies that promote students to engage with the Hodges Square community and businesses. Additionally, the Manager of Sustainability serves on the HSVA.

New London County Food Policy Council (NLCFPC)

The New London County Food Policy Council unites farmers, consumers, food banks and a multitude of other organizations to transform the region’s food system for improved health outcomes through policy advocacy and program innovation, alignment and support. As a community leader dedicated to advancing sustainability, Connecticut College’s Office of Sustainability participates in the NLCFPC in an effort to promote food-related sustainability throughout New London County. The Office of Sustainability has developed a New London County Food Policy Council Fellow position as a way to formalize its commitment to supporting the efforts of the NLCFPC and to solidify a long-term partnership. Additionally, our Manager of Sustainability chairs the Agriculture Working Group of the NLCFPC.

Public Library of New London

The Public Library of New London serves the needs of the New London community by providing free access to a diversity of ideas and information through a variety of library materials, services and experiences. During the Office of Sustainability’s annual Give N Go Program, unwanted books are collected from students moving out of their residence halls at the end of the academic year. Some of these books are kept and integrated into the College’s Lending Library and the rest go to the Public Library of New London and Better World Books.