In order to enhance the sustainability efforts at Connecticut College, the Sustainable Projects Fun (SPF) was established to provide financial supports to student sponsored ideas and projects that are related to sustainability. As Connecticut College defines sustainability as the balancing of the need and value of social equity, economic well-being and environmental stewardship at local and global scales, the creation of the SPF demonstrates the importance of holistic sustainability by assisting students’ initiatives financially.

Financed by a $25 annual contribution from each student, the SPF is held and monitored by the Office of Sustainability and the Student Government Association (SGA). Students interested in applying for monies from the SPF will need to craft a well-developed proposal, in consultation with and support of any member of the Student Government Association and the Office of Sustainability. After the proposal has been formed, the Office of Sustainability will assist the students in developing, researching and presenting their ideas to the Student Government Association. In order to receive funding, the proposal must be supported by at least a 4/5 majority vote from the assembly. Once funds have been granted, the students work with the Office of Sustainability on the implementation of their proposal. 

Criteria for a sustainability funds proposal

The criteria used to select proposals for funding are that each project should:

  • Relate to sustainability. Specifically, the goal must support environmental stewardship, social equity and/or ethical economic practices. Priority will be given to proposals that support all three components of sustainability
  • Articulate what the overall cost of the project would be through a detailed budget and compare it to how it will help advance all aspects of sustainability at the College
  • Demonstrate how the proposed project could be implemented quickly or serve as a pilot project for broad-scale implementation across campus if successful
  • Include a timeline for completion

For more information about the Sustainable Projects Fun (SPF), contact the Office of Sustainability.