Many departments across the College offer a wide variety of workshops that relate to the central tenets of sustainability. Check out some of the workshops currently offered by departments at the College. And be bold! Even if you are more economically or environmentally minded, you should strongly consider some of the more socially focused workshops provided by the College.

Green Dot Training

Green Dot encourages bystanders (everyone will be one at some point) to make a choice and then take action by doing something to prevent violence from happening in our community. Built on the idea that in order to measurably reduce the instances of power-based personal violence there must be a culture shift, Green Dot capitalizes on peer and cultural influence to encourage change in behaviors from those that sustain violence in our community. Changing culture can seem like a daunting task but it happens all the time.

Race and Ethnicity Programs at Unity House

Genesis is a pre-Orientation program for underrepresented students, including students of color and first-generation college students. The program is also open to any student with a strong commitment to advancing diversity and acting as an ally to underrepresented students at Connecticut College.

LGBTQ Resource Center

Student coordinators are available to provide educational workshops and training programs to the campus community. Some workshop topics include "How to Be an Ally," "Transgender 101," and "Straight Privilege." Trained student leaders facilitate the presentations. We work with dorms, teams, student groups, classes, offices and departments.

Coming Soon from the Office of Sustainability!

Navigating Politics

This workshop will provide students will a foundational understanding of organizational behavior, institutional politics and stakeholder engagement. Additionally, this workshop will provide students with practical skills regarding how to navigate a political environmental when trying to establish a program or complete a project.